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Abner Snopes Character analysis (Essay Sample)

This is an MLA Style research paper analyzing the character of Abner Snopes from William Faulkner's Barn Burning. Please use 4 academic sources, preferably from the JSTOR database. Do not use Google or Yahoo. source..
Abner Snopes Character analysis
This assignment is meant to analyze the character of Abner Snopes in the play “Barn Burning” this is a story of protagonist. Who is an old Colonel Sartoris who have been waiting for his father, Abner Snopes. He was waiting at his father at a general store which was being used as a courtroom. The play revolves through the character Abner Snopes as a father and a member of the society where he lived. It provides insights on his character and how it has helped in formation of the story and its themes.
This is a In a perfect family a father is considered to be the head of the family and is similarly commonly known for being compassionate, has the desires of his family at hand and would go the extra mile to make sure that they are well comfortable and fine. This is however the contrast of the perfect figure as compared to the likes Abner Snopes written by William Faulkner in his book “Barn Burning”. Snopes disrespects others and is always in a mission to wreck havoc and destroy other peoples’ lives ranging from arson, hatred and breaks friendships by making his family move from one place to another to avoid the enmity and wrath of the society where they live. The mistake that his family commits however is to alert him of their relocation and before they do he insults and maims them with outmost beastlike behavior with no humane feelings in him.
The book portrays him as an unemotional man who is vengeful and carefree for his own family but irrespective of all these and is malicious to others as well especially those that have wronged him. Especially where he burns Mr. Harris’ house after a pig went on ahead ate Mr. Harris’ corn after several warnings and he cunningly burnt down his house even whilst he knew that he was on the wrong for not having restrained his hog.
His vengeance seems to be the most prominent thing in this situation where he also has to be as it is also depicted when he went to Major de Spain’s house and disregarding it just because he was a sharecropper a profession taken up by many persons who would get monies from yielded crops on the rented fields (Faulkner, par 4). He is jealous of the house which is nothing close to what he owns because of his destructive nature. He leaves a deliberate mark from the manure in his shoe just as a form of mock knowing that that would make the whole house smelly. The major is to receive ten bushels of corn for the damage done to his rug and Abner attempts to barn his house as revenge for being forced to pay for the damage caused to the rug, however is not successful. This behavior clearly shows how uncivilized he is in almost all aspects of life and similarly so irresponsible for his own deeds. He has not single ounce of respect for other people especially those that are more successfu...
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