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A Concern for Energy Use (Essay Sample)

Five paragraph exposity essay. Argue using evidence for "a concern for ethics, particulary with regard to energy us." source..

A Concern for Energy Use
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A Concern for Energy Use
It is undisputable fact that energy use forms a greater part of human life. Virtually, people, use energy every day. There are majorly four groups of energy users namely: commercial, transportation, industrial, and residential. Energy is mostly used heating and cooling, lighting, and in various appliances. Energy is generated at various power sources and then converted into some forms of electrical power which can be used for different energy purposes. There are different sources of energy for consumption by people and sectors of economy. These sources include: nuclear power, biomass, hydroelectric power, geothermal, fossil fuels and solar power among others. In recent years concerns have been raised regarding the generation and consumption of energy. These concerns have been prompted by environmental and costs issues relating to energy generation and consumption (Tester et al. 23). This essay will focus on concern for energy use and more particularly a concern for ethics in regard to energy use.
As has been noted, there is an increasing concern for energy use. Analyses of energy consumption in the year 2010 in major countries have shown that there has been increase in energy consumption (Enerdata 2). Specifically, among the G20 countries the energy consumption soared by more than 5% in 2010 this was after a slight decrease in 2009. This increase has been attributed to two trends that are converging. First, there has been increasing energy demand especially in manufacturing and transportation industries as a result of economic recovery. Secondly, rapidly industrializing countries such as India and China are experiencing intense demands for energy of all forms (Enerdata 6-7).
Therefore, what makes energy consumption a concern? According to Teste...
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