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Women do not think beyond Fashion Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please read all attachments!!! They will explain everything in its entirety.


After reading the Week 5 Lesson Overview, compose a persuasive essay (400-word minimum, 500-word maximum) that uses fallacies such as false claims and stereotypes. The purpose of this assignment is to provide counterarguments for a popular opinion.


NOTE: Recall this week’s Everything’s an Argument reading about fallacies (see “fallacies” in the Everything’s an Argument index).


In this essay assignment, use a minimum of three examples to support one of the fallacious arguments below and develop those counterarguments without using forms of the words false or lie. Do not take a “middle of the road” position in your counterarguments. Take a firm stand. 


Have a good time with this one. Below are the fallacious arguments. To support them a writer would have to offer specific reasons about why they are necessary.


Remember, your job as a writer is to support one of the arguments below.

Choose one.


Fallacious argument 1: American women do not think beyond the next jewelry counter or other vain accoutrements such as cosmetics and new shoes to wear to the next social occasion.


Fallacious argument 2: When it comes to household necessities and responsibilities, men do not know the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a spatula.


Fallacious argument 3: Instead of doing housework and other female jobs, men should make use of their mancave cleaning their shotguns, out camping, hunting, fishing, taking their children to the shooting range, and stuff like working on their truck, Harley, or 4-wheeler.


To view a student example essay that counterargues an opinion, click here. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT


Include an underlined thesis in the first paragraph of your essay. To review “A Word about the Thesis,” the primary guidance for developing a thesis in EH 1302, click here.


As evidence of research to support your thesis (argument, claim, opinion), include two direct quotations from your source (no more than eight lines accumulative), and one full citation on a Works Cited page. Only one source is assigned, but that source must list an author (both first and last name) and must be dated (minimum month and year). Copyright years are not acceptable as dates. 


For clarity, this assignment requires two direct quotations. Each quotation must be at least two complete lines of text but not more than four lines of text. Each quotation must be placed in a separate paragraph and must pertain to the content of that paragraph.


It is important to click here for quotation examples.


Daily Writing assignments may not include more than eight lines of quotations, accumulative.


No matter how many times an author’s name is used in the narrative, an in-text citation must be provided for each quotation in this course. Instructors in other courses might provide different instructions about that.


Quotations may never be included in the introductory or concluding paragraphs. Those paragraphs should be exclusively yours, not something quoted or paraphrased from the reading assignment or other sources.


One full citation for the source must be constructed on the Works Cited page.

NOTE: The age requirement for sources is waived on this assignment. Your source may be older than five years. Only one source is assigned for this essay.


The source shown on the example student essay may not be used.


Another example of a counterargument strategy would be the following written by gun store owner Joe-Bob Wheeler. Joe-Bob fully supports our beloved Second Amendment, but here is his counterargument:


I have visited the country of Slobovia many times because it has the best deals for wholesale ammo that I stock in my store. Slobovia also has very lenient gun laws. In fact, any male sixteen years or older can open-carry pistols and long guns anywhere in the country, but a free permit must be obtained.

I am adamantly opposed to issuing open-carry permits to women in Slobovia. My reason is that women in Slobovia are notorious for sneaking their husbands’ guns out of the house, frequently pointing guns at their neighbors after a spat, and “accidentally” emptying a magazine or two into the side of their neighbor’s house or outdoor toilet facility.


Joe-Bob Wheeler, Wheeler Gun and Pawn, Ltd.


However, could Joe-Bob compose an essay (counterargument) that supports the issuance of free lifetime open-carry permits to Slobovian women? Of course he could, especially if he were a politician trying to upgrade his voter base.


If for any reason you do not fully agree with your own argument, at your discretion, you may use a disclaimer after the concluding paragraph of your essay similar to the disclaimer used by the student in the example essay. The disclaimer will not be counted as a part of the word-count requirement.


PARAGRAPH REQUIREMENT: The paragraph requirement for Daily Writing essay assignments is introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and concluding paragraph.


Paragraph divisions provide transition, clarity, and organization to an essay.


To view a helpful, short video about composing an introductory paragraph, view the “Introductory Paragraph” video in the course “How To” section.


To view a helpful, short video about composing a concluding paragraph, view the video titled “Writing a Concluding Paragraph: Things to Avoid” in the course “How To” section.



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Women do not think beyond Fashion
Fashion is indeed a basic need for women, along with side food and shelter. The next social event is an opportunity for them to grab something new of boutique selves for their wardrobe. A good impression is vital for women; that is why they worry about the way they look more than how they will sustain it. The need for the modern woman to keep social appearances has blinded them to other things good things in life. The amount of money they spend on clothing a month or year can surprise you. Modern American women cannot think beyond the new jewelry counter or other vain accouterments such as cosmetics and new shoes to wear to the next social occasion.

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