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What does the surface of pluto look like? (Essay Sample)

paper should be divided into the following (labeled) sections. Mission objective - In this section you will state the question that you have chosen to address with your mission. Whats your mission going to try to find out ? background - In this section discuss background information that is relevant to the question. whats already known about the topic or related topic? Have there been previous mission addressing the topic or related topics? What did these mission find? Justification - In this section, provide a rational for your mission. Why is your mission important ? Why should it be funded ? Be persuasive! Mission plan - In this section you will describe your planned mission. What type of mission are you planning? What instrument will your spacecraft carry ? what date will these instrument collect ? How will the collected data help to answer the chosen question ? Source - News , magazines , books , appropriate websites. source..
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Mission Objective
Located in the outermost Kuiper belt, Pluto is one of the celestial bodies in this zone characterized by extremely low surface temperatures. It is highly probable that the Kuiper belt consists of many other bodies. Pluto and its moon Charon are however believed to be among the largest of the bodies in this belt, despite being a dwarf in relation to the other planets of the solar system. The characteristics of Pluto have never been confirmed with evidence and this mission is geared towards exploring the composition of the Pluto`s surface. Pluto`s atmosphere among its other attributes is changing and the mission has to be conducted with speed and precision to gather useful facts about the surface of the planet Pluto before major change occurs.
Background Information on Pluto
Pluto was once considered a planet, the ninth planet in the solar system. In 2006 its status was re-branded a dwarf planet. Percival Lowell, an American astronomer suspected Pluto`s existence in 1905. He predicted its location in 1915. His predictions alongside those of other astronomers enabled Clyde Tombaugh discover Pluto at the Lowell Observatory. Because of its far distance from the earth, little is known of Pluto`s characteristics. The diameter of the planet is estimated to be at less than one fifth that of the earth. The surface of the planet is thought to consist of a rocky core surrounded by frozen water ice with nitrogen and methane frost coating the surface. At minus 225 degrees Celsius, Pluto`s surface is among the coldest places in the solar system. For a long time, because of the distance of the planet from the earth, little was known about the planet Pluto. The Hubble Space Telescope has Telescope continues to furnish astrologers with images of the planet that appears reddish, greyish and yellowish in different places.
A space craft, the New Horizons has been dispatched by NASA to the Kuiper b...
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