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Socrates View: One Must Heed Popular Opinion About Moral Matters (Essay Sample)


This 4 - 5 full page (not to exceed 6 pages) Philosophical Essay you will be writing due Week 7 is designed to be a thoughtful, reflective work. The 4 - 5 full pages does not include a cover page or a works cited page. It will be your premier writing assignment focused on the integration and assessment relating to the course concepts. Your paper should be written based on the outline you submitted during week 4 combined with your additional thoughts and instructor feedback. You will use at least three scholarly/reliable resources with matching in-text citations and a Works Cited page. All essays are double spaced, 12 New Times Roman font, paper title, along with all paragraphs indented five spaces.
According to Socrates, must one heed popular opinion about moral matters? Does Socrates accept the fairness of the laws under which he was tried and convicted? Would Socrates have been wrong to escape?
Your paper will be written at a college level with an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion, along with in-text citations/Works Cited page in MLA formatting. Students will follow MLA format as the sole citation and formatting style used in written assignments submitted as part of coursework to the Humanities Department. Remember - any resource that is listed on the Works Cited page must have an in-text citation in the paper to match or this is considered plagiarism.
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Final Assignment
Socrates view on whether one must heed popular opinion about moral matters
In my final assignment, I will address potential reasons as to whether one needs to agree or disdain popular opinion as well as proving substantial evidence that Socrates is correct in disregarding the validity of popular belief. However, the paper will also embrace the expert opinion’s superiority. The essay will accomplish this goal by listing the pros and cons of observing popular belief before elaborating the pros and cons of disregarding popular opinion. Additionally, the paper will establish the importance of obeying rules and regulations which have jurisdiction regarding the very existence of humanity and evidence that Socrates would have regarded how the court tried and sentenced him. Basing on the responsibility of citizens to heed to the laws of the land, the paper would affirm why Socrates would not have been right to escape.
The country in which a person is born and raised has laws and jurisdictions that bestows one with opportunities and privileges that do not only govern their operations but also enables them to enjoy for being part and parcel of the system and the state in question. Furthermore, states have their constitutions which bestow specific benefits to their citizens. However, the states expect of the citizens to respect and accept their constitutional stipulations and laws through obedience to facilitate frictionless governance of the country CITATION RUF10 \p 15 \l 1033 (RUFUS 15). During the era of Socrates, when democracy was the law of Athens, the constitution was promulgated to facilitate strict adherence through popular opinion. Irrespective of the country’s justifiability, the popular belief would be judged as a neutral avenue that could serve the best interest of the public. In this respect, the minority who held contrary opinion would not suffice because the public judged the majority view, even if it was wrong, to be better in serving the public good. Additionally, the opinions of the majority, which is thought to appeal to many people’s conscience, was commonly practiced in Athens democratic system CITATION Spe19 \p 2 \l 1033 (Case 2). According to the popular view, when that of the majority outweighs the individual component of the people in the minority, then it is apparent that the implementation of the latter represents a greater interest that overrides that of the former, notwithstanding the strength of its premises.
On the contrary, the fact that the majority have a similar opinion about motion in question does not guarantee sound reasoning; therefore, this provides a substantial basis to disregard the strength of the popular stand. Additionally, the wrongfulness and rightfulness of a matter in a country that derives on democracy cannot be judged on the fact that the majority of the population supports or disregards the issue CITATION Spe19 \p 3 \l 1033

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