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Race, Class, and Gender in Theory, Policy, and Practice (Essay Sample)


Each entry should contain A) the title, B) the author(s), C) a 1 -2 sentence summary of the piece, and D) answers to the following questions:
What is the author's main argument or thesis?
List new terms, concepts, or ideas you encountered in this piece. Were you able to find out what these terms, concepts or ideas mean? Do you need further clarification? (If so, bring these questions to class!)
Given the information you have (or can easily locate), what do you think the author's positionality is? How might this positionality impact the author's thesis or main claims?
Who do you think the audience is? Provide evidence for your reasoning.


Reading Response
Emerging intersections: Race, Class, and Gender in Theory, Policy, and Practice
Bonnie Thornton Dill and Ruth Enid Zambrana
Article summary
This is an article that brings to the audience a new way of evaluating about inequality with a bias on the application of intersectionality (Dill, and Zambrana). By reevaluating how factors such as sexuality, age, gender, physical abilities, race and ethnicity, the author challenge the conventional and traditional ways of looking at element of inequalities in the society with bias to America (Dill, and Zambrana).
The elements of discrimination cannot be evaluated on a single factor such as race of gender, rather it is a multitude of factors that interact with one another to produce the results of inequality in the society (Dill, and Zambrana).
Terms and concepts
Intersectionality is a concept that is associated with the way that gender, race, class and ethnicity overlap with one another when it comes to how people are discriminated in the society.
Personality and audience
The authors are critical thinkers which has to their invaluable information in the shift to the way that the audience think about inequality and discrimination in the society (Dill, and Zambrana). This makes the audience scholars as this is a rather informative and research oriented approach on the topic. It is a concept that can be considered as a change in the traditional approaches of looking at inequality. Most of the studies in the past as the authors have noted have been

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