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The Origin of Existence. PHYSICS 1 – ESSAY ASSIGNMENT (Essay Sample)



FORMAT:  Double-spaced, 12-pt, Times Roman Font SUBMISSION:  Scan/save document to PDF format and upload to CANVAS Essay Submission  There will be NO CLASS MEETING on Friday, December 6, 2019.  You should use that extra time to finish up any last minute touch ups on your essay and to get it into PDF and uploaded to CANVAS.  DETAILS:  Your assignment is to write a brief 500 – 600 word essay in which your personal religious or philosophical beliefs, or lack thereof, regarding the ‘origin of existence’ are examined in light of your new understandings of the physical laws of the universe and modern scientific knowledge learned in the course.  Specifically, you will explain what your religious or philosophical belief was at the beginning of the semester as far as the beginning of the universe/life/existence (where did it all come from and how) and explain how our modern scientific knowledge base and the laws of nature or order in the laws of nature are either consistent or inconsistent with your viewpoints.    You will answer how (if at all) your beliefs have shifted.  Are you more hunkered down in your original beliefs or have things that you have learned shifted your beliefs or brought doubt to your original beliefs?    Students are asked to apply specific scientific theories/laws/knowledge learned in class in this new context.  The essay will be scored on a scale of 0 to 5 using the following rubric, and then scaled to 5% of your course grade.     0                       1                         2                        3                        4                     5 Criterion Developing  Satisfactory Exemplary Identifies connections between existing knowledge and new information. Connections between students’ prior knowledge and new information are present, but not articulated clearly or thoroughly.    Connections between students’ prior knowledge and new information are clearly and thoroughly articulated. Connections between students’ prior knowledge and new information are complex, integrated, and articulated clearly and thoroughly.  As you would expect, your views or beliefs are irrelevant when it comes to the grading of this essay.  You will be graded on your correct understanding of the science and your ability to argue your points using scientific knowledge.  One key idea is that you want to address how well or how poorly your ideas (or some of your ideas) fit with what we know to be scientifically true about the universe.


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The Origin of Existence
The origin of existence is one of the most critical topics at the center of human research. As much as scientists and theologians have been trying to make sense of the origin of existence, they have also been suggesting cosmological theories. Moreover, the notion of the existence of a divine being usually plays a significant role in the formulation of these theories. Growing up from a staunch religious background, I was made to understand and believe that God is the sustainer and sole creator of the universe (Anderson 51). However, the 21st century has come with a different wind of beliefs that is swaying many people’s lines of thought towards a scientific cosmology. This essay examines my personal religious beliefs regarding the origin of the universe in light of my new understanding of modern scientific knowledge and physical laws.

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