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Interview with a senior citizen (Essay Sample)

Oral History – Senior Citizen For this topic you will conduct an interview, take notes, and write up your findings in a five to seven page paper. You will be expected to utilize and apply anthropological concepts, which you have learned in this class, to your findings. Your interview source should be a senior citizen, preferably a family relative or family friend, with whom you feel comfortable conducting an interview. The focus of your interview will be on what was life like for your interviewee when she or he was your “college age” (please note that they do not have to have actually attended college). What beliefs, activities, values, and hopes did your interviewee have at that time? In what ways does your informant feel that their values, beliefs and expectation have changed over time? Does he or she consider these changes to be a positive or a negative? Be sure to conduct your interview in an open-ended manner. Your goal here is to have your informant tell you as much about his or her young adult life experiences as possible, so don't ask simple “yes” or “no” questions. Finally, compare his or her answers to your own life. In what ways are his or her responses similar to or different from your own life? Please attach your interview notes to your final paper. Issues to keep in mind – Both of these assignments should incorporate key ideas from our class. In other words, whether you choose to interview an immigrant or interview a senior citizen, you need to discuss a minimum of three issues from our class. These issues could include topics such as immigration, gendered behaviors, sexuality, family, marriage practices, kinship, economic practices, racism, assumptions about biology vs. culture, social roles of men and women, problems of modernization and capitalism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, unfair labor practices, social pressures related to our bodies, issues of science and culture, or any other topic that we have studied this semester. source..
Interview with a senior citizen
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May 1, 2013 :
Interview with a senior citizen
The senior citizen involved in this case was a relative who was a former banker. The beliefs and values are intertwined together as the belief is the internal feeling that someone has about an issue being true while value is the worth that one attaches to that something in the belief. Some of the beliefs he talks about are individualism, freedom, volunteerism, progress, mobility, patriotism among others. When looking at the aspect on freedom, the society at the time regarded being free to all and this was guaranteed in the constitution`s bill of rights. Individualism according to him expected the society to uphold the integrity as well as dignity of each and every person. Volunteerism is the notion of the capable persons in the society assisting others through their private initiated projects which was highly advocated then. Mobility assured people the ability to move from an area to another in search of better living as well as working condition hence there was emigration and immigration. The aspect of patriotism as he says it was promoted with individual expectation that each and every person is proud of the society they are living in as well the country in general. Progress was another major value that is passed on with generation hence ensuring people work hard as it was measured in terms of families found in their respective societies. All these beliefs and values ensured that the society grew and was able to adapt to the changes that were occurring day in day out. Some of the activities that were carried out included plantation farming and other business oriented activities like factories and other firms used in trade. The society had variety of sporting activities among other ways of recreation. There were theatres and stadiums that people went to recreate themselves. The members of the society had gr...
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