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Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe Life Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


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Assignment 4

In this assignment I want you to think about the current state of the Universe. It is accelerating, meaning it is stretching faster and faster. Look. Up the terms of Dark matter and Dark Energy as it pertains to this concept and explain there role in in the Universe today.


Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe
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Dark Matter and Dark Energy in the Universe
The universe evolution is determined by the amount of dark energy and the dark matter contained in it. However, densities of dark matter and energy are influenced by cosmic expansion; these densities refer to the concentrations in a given volume of space. Although there is a good idea on the amount of matter held by the universe, there is no precise measure of the matter (Boveia, Buchmueller, Busoni, D’Eramo, De Roeck, De Simone, & Haisch, 2020). There is also documented evidence on the fact that the universe is affected by gravity. As such, comprehending the eventual fate of the universe depends on understanding dark energy.
Currently, cosmologists have limited understanding of dark energy although it makes up 70% of the mass energy in the universe. As such, current research is focused on uncovering its fundamental properties such as permanence, strength, and variation with direction (Petricca, Angloher, Bauer, Bento, Bucci, Canonica, & Gorla, 2020). Understanding these properties will enhance understanding on the influence that dark energy on the expanding universe.
The figure above schematically shows the cosmic scale for diff

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