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ASTR assignment 3 Life Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


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Assignment 3

Explain what happens to your body or for that matter any object as you travel close to the speed of light. Look at the effects from special relativity first proposed by Einstein.


Xu1 Jiaxin Xu Nicholas Contopoulos ASTR A100 04-24-2020 What happens if you fall into a black hole? You may or may not die!In fact, a black hole is not a hole, nor is it black. In theory, a black hole is a regional space with an incredibly strong gravitational force. Anyway, it is completely invisible, so we call it black.In general, a black hole works like a giant spherical vacuum cleaner, absorbing everything passing its boundary. The so-called disappearance of outer space boundary means that the black hole begins to derive. Even in the vacuum, the fastest particles in the universe we know cannot escape the black hole’s gravity. If some incredible happenstance happened under the influence of black holes, things could be like this. If I set foot on the edge of a black hole, my head will fly far away and receive far less attraction than the foot closer to the black hole, which is not a good thing. Just like on the old scaffold, I will be pulled very long and thin, and my head is likely to fly out under such an extension.Then you will see the singularity, the central part of the black hole, all the strange, irrational, crazy things that happen there. To put it simply, Einstein’s theory of relativity is no longer applicable there. There are no laws or regulations there. All our understanding of space and time still exists, but some of them are totally different and do not belong to our horizon.Our universe still depends on certain laws and concepts, but that singularity world easily ignores all laws, lives alone, and we know nothing about it. So in theory, when we get close to the singularity, my stretched body will continue to elongate and continue to shrink laterally, but the Xu2 parts will disperse and disappear. And most interestingly, the people behind me will see that I live in the black hole boundary forever, but it is not like this for me, all things happen in an instant. It is more than that. The death that may bring me will be of great significance. The boundary of a black hole, also known as the Schwarzschild radius, is named after the first scientist to describe a black hole with a mathematical formula. Crazy black holes have more than the above characteristics. According to some theories, if there are black holes, there will be white holes.So black holes are not just possible, there will be more and more scientists to prove this.


Have you ever wondered what would happen if you travelled faster than light, or at least at the same speed as light? Well, it would be an interesting experience, but unfortunately it can never happen at any one given time. This is due to the effects from special relativity first proposed by Einstein. Basically, Einstein postulated that an object moves at a speed close to that of light, its mass tends to rise precipitously, and this means that it requires more energy to move. For instance, for an object travelling at an extremely high speed, its mass would immediately rise to infinity and the energy required rises to infinity as well.
Travelling close to the speed of lig

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