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Architecture: The evolution of modern theory: A new architecture for America (Essay Sample)

DRAFT REQUIRED IN 48H !!!!! I require a draft of the essay for this order. It'll be great if I can also get an outline for of the essay as well. I will upload a file with further instructions. The topic of the essay: The Evolution of Modern Theory - A New Architecture for America: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School Please message me if you need additional information. Thanks. source..
The evolution of modern theory: A new architecture for America
The scrutiny of the 20th century architectural design in America cannot commence without flashing back the critical work of Frank Lloyd, an American born architecture who lived between 1867 and 1959. Lloyd is one of the highly universally recognized and admired of all American known architects. His name is probably known in every part of the world, to laymen and even to architects and historians. However, unlike other influential architects whose reputations still lives because of the impact of their work in shaping the architecture of their time, Lloyd`s buildings and theories seem to have created only a small impact on the evolution of 20th-century architecture (Langmead 48-52). This paper seeks to understand the evolution of modern architecture and how buildings and early century architectural design were like before the American modern architecture come to exist. It will introduce in brief the engineer of American architecture Lloyd Wright.
While the example of Lloyd`s buildings may have help nurtured the early development of known architects, the mature architectural work of these architects appear largely unaffected by Lloyd. Instead, Lloyd`s work later came to be recognized and appreciated primarily for its intrinsic and artistic qualities, especially the ones dealing with spatial definition and surface articulation. Lloyd Wright`s architecture should be so highly regarded for its inherent values are remarkable testimony to the magnitude of his genius. Lloyd studied civil engineering briefly at Wisconsin university before he worked for Louis Sullivan in Chicago. He later opened his own architectural practice, the Prairie school and become the chief practitioner of it. He had built about fifty Prairie houses by 1910 (Kruft 32-40).
Prairie school was a late 19th but early 20th century architectural style, which was most common to the Midwestern. The...
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