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Aliens: Existence and Agenda (Essay Sample)

MLA, 12 point font. Argument essay. One page introduction. 70% my argument, 30% contradiction. My argument is: Aliens exist and they have a plan. The essay doesn't have to be serious, there could be some silliness. source..
Aliens: Existence and Agenda
Over the years, the question of whether other forms of life exist elsewhere in the universe has been a major source of controversy and heated debates among scientists, conspiracy theorists, scholars and other inquisitive individuals. At the center of this discourse has been the possibility that extraterrestrial forms of life, variously referred to as aliens, exist on a planet somewhere in the outer space. Those in support of this assertion have advanced numerous theories and arguments to the effect that indeed aliens do exist by citing mysterious incidences and accounts of people who claim to have encountered aliens. Conversely, entities opposed to this view, have cited lack of scientific evidence in support of the claim that other forms of life especially extraterrestrial exist as their major source of skepticism. Nevertheless, science fiction writers and film makers have time and again produced books and films that not only depict life in the outer space, but which also explore how human beings are likely to handle and interact with aliens. Besides advancing the notion that aliens do really exist, some of these science fiction films in fact go ahead to prove that extraterrestrial life forms have a plan. These alien strategies range from efforts aimed at saving the human race from destroying itself and collecting valuable resources from the earth to plans to study human genetics in an attempt to prevent the alien race from becoming extinct. Based on this background, therefore, this paper seeks to argue that aliens do indeed exist and that they have a plan. This paper will also explore possible contradictions to the claim that aliens exist.
Despite the disagreement surrounding the issue of extraterrestrial life, various indicators point to their existence. To begin with, there are millions of stars in the universe and most of these stars harbor some planets. It is possible that some of these planets have experienced similar transformations as the earth. Consequently, these unknown planets are likely to be supporting some of form of life, most probably extraterrestrial, different from human beings given the distance of these planets from the sun. As such, aliens which are basically extraterrestrial life forms may be in existence but far away from the earth.
Secondly, outer space expeditions have generated images that demonstrate that water, which is a vital element for life, once existed in planets such as Mars, Venus and their moons. This is evidenced by dried up lakes and valleys. As such, forms of life that may have been supported on those planets may have evolved into extraterrestrial forms that may have shifted to planets that are far off from the sun. This form of migration may have favored only the exceedingly intelligent extraterrestrial beings that may have developed and invented technologies that ensured the s...
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