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New York State Penal Code. Answer the Questions. Law Essay (Essay Sample)


The criminal laws of New York state, both misdemeanors and felonies, are consolidated under the New York State Penal Code. All laws related to crime are in written. Felonies range in classification alphabetically, or by degrees, with the most serious crimes starting with “A” or “1st Degree”. The higher the classification, the more severe the sentence. Violent felony crimes have the highest classification, and therefore the most severe sentencing.
Research the Penal Code for Section 125. Homicide, and read.
1. Review the classifications for Section 125. Indicate the various classifications ( A to E) by the charge, with the required elements that must be proven for conviction (do not include classifications related to Abortion). Indicate the sentence for each classification as well.
2. Please comment on the penalties AFTER you answer Question #1. Too severe? Too lenient?
3. Defendants often plea bargain and agree to lesser charges based on the classifications. Comment on plea bargaining and homicide.
Any primary search engine will provide you with information on the NYS Penal Code. All comments and questions are welcome.


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New York State Penal Code
Felonies and misdemeanors are criminal laws of the United States. The two laws are consolidated under the penal code of the New York State. The laws associated with crimes are usually written. As such, felonies are categorized by first degree or alphabetically, with more serious crimes starting with “1st degree” or “A”. Higher categorization indicates that the sentencing is more severe. For instance, violent felony crimes have the highest categorization, and thus the most severe sentencing.
The following are responses to related questions.
1 The classifications of homicide offence are as follows. Murder in the first degree, aggravated murder, and murder in the second degree are categorized as A felony. Besides, aggravated manslaughter in the first and second degree are classified as B and C felony respectively. 

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