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The Legalization Of Marijuana: Identify Your Position (Essay Sample)


You must choose a side to argue either in support of (DEFENSE) or against (OPPOSITION) regarding the issue at hand. Clearly identify your position within the first one to two paragraphs. (10 points)
Your argument must be supported by the legal standings of the 1st Amendment, Fairness and Equity Act, and/or Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. (20 points)
QUESTIONS FOR DISCUSSION: Be sure to clearly identify your position as guided by the Q& A listed on the first page and to include through definition the legal standings mentioned above as they pertain to your argument. You must present your argument in a well written essay (introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion) 3 pages maximum. (30 points)
You must research the topic and show current examples of the argument supporting your position. (20 points)
You must use MLA format and pages should be numbered and a cover sheet with your MLA heading and title. NOT ON THE CONTENT PAGES! (10 points)
You will need a Work Cited page. (10 points)


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The legalization of marijuana
Marijuana has been a topic of discussion over the years in many parts of the world. The use of marijuana among teens and the arrest of individuals in possession of small amounts of the drug has been the driving force towards the discussion. Some people argue out that marijuana should be legalized while others oppose the idea. However, in some states of America, the drug has already been made legal for medicinal purposes. Making the drug legal does not make its consumption right but through the correct doses, it could of medicinal value to the users. Therefore, marijuana should also be made legal in other parts of the world.
The legalization of marijuana will play a substantial role in the reduction of the number of Latino and Black New Yorkers inappropriate arrests. The fairness and Equity act fix the New York's law hence eliminating the racially biased arrest that has been taking place. Such arrests waste a substantial amount of money and time for the cops, yet such should be employed in dealing with large criminal cases such as murder. Therefore, the cops will be able to focus on other offenses that directly affect the lives of the citizens. The laws are made to ensure that the possession of small amounts of marijuana does not result in a criminal penalty.
As well, marijuana should be legalized because it has a medicinal value. Different strains of ma

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