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Intro Criminal Justice System Chapter 14 Law Essay (Essay Sample)


Read Chapter 14 and Please answer the 3 questions separately:
1. Should woman be allowed to work as guards at male prisons? Should men be allowed to work at female prisons? Should men and women be kept in the same Prison population? Yes or NO. Explain. (Footnotes help support opinion.)
2. Define Parole, including its purpose and objective. How does it differ from probation? What is the role of the parole board?
3. Should a former prisoner (ex-con) have all the civil rights afforded an average citizen? (explain, footnotes help.)


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Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
Should a woman be allowed to work as a guard at male prisons? Should men be allowed to work at female prisons? Should men and women be kept in the same prison population? YES or NO. Explain.
Correctional officers work directly with offenders with the responsibilities of promoting social behavior, carrying out correctional tasks, providing order, and ensuring adherence to the prison rules. The nature of this job, combined with the demands of the working environment, is a cause of dilemma in gender roles. However, female guards should not work at male prisons. They can, however, be allocated other duties that do not provide high frequencies in direct contact with prisoners because of the risk of sexual harassment. Men, too, should work in female prisons with minimum contact with the prisoners. In either case, the argument is to minimize the possibility of sexual harassment. A female guard working in a male prison is less likely to enter the bathrooms to stop conflict at a time when convicts are washing.

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