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How Elderly Lose Their Rights: Legal & Ethical Issues (Essay Sample)


Please read "How the Elderly Lose Their Rights" published in The New Yorker and written by Rachel Monroe
In the first page of your essay, please summarize what the article is about. Next, please identity the individual legal and ethical issues that the story implicates. Using the specific topics that we discussed in class--and the course material online--please be sure that you relate the course material to the specific matters that you bring up in your essay. In your conclusion, please note what legal and policy solutions can address the societal problem raised.


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How Elderly Lose Their Rights
Rachael Aviv raises pertinent issues in her article “How elderly lose their rights” regarding guardianship and ward were critically analyzed. The most worrying trend is that the law on guardianship has been in existence for a period exceeding eight centuries and it does not seem to change any time sooner. The direction in which the guardians take charge of the assets of the senior citizens without their consent has been going on. The most annoying element of this practice is that the property belonging to these senior citizens is sold for a profit by strangers in the name of their guardians. This paper seeks to offer a summary of Aviv's article and analyze the legal and ethical issues that her the story implicates.
The case of Rudy and Rennie North is an unfortunate one since the couple had a daughter, Julie Belshe, who is able health wise, but was not offered the right to her parents' protection (Aviv np). Rennie and Rudy had been married for fifty seven years and were happy living together despite some medical challenges that they faced. Rennie had suffered from neuropathy and was recovering from lymphoma, but all this time they stayed together as a married couple since they enjoyed taking a view of the golf course nearby.
The couple was unaware of the approach taken by April Park to defraud them of their property in the guise that they were unfit to manage their own private lives. April managed to sell off their property without their consent at a throw-away price, a situation that ended in the protracted court battles under the supervision of Belshe. They were not the only couple under the care of a

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