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Explaining and Evaluating Arguments Law Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Follow the instruction and apply with rubric. Reading source is in attachment


Political Science 3460: Global Justice Spring Semester 2020 • Instructor: Prof. Benjamin McKean Second Writing Assignment: Explaining and Evaluating Arguments Due Date: before class on Friday, February 21st via the dropbox on Carmen Note change from syllabus! Writing Assignment: In 750 to 900 words, explain and evaluate a normative argument from one of the assigned readings in the unit on “Global Environmental Justice.” To explain a normative argument here means to reconstruct the argument by stating its explicit and implicit premises and conclusions in your own words as clearly as possible. To evaluate the argument, consider one persuasive objection or counterargument to it. If you believe that the objection succeeds, then say how the objection renders the argument invalid or whether it undermines the soundness of the argument by challenging one of the argument’s premises. If you believe that the objection fails, explain why. Include a word count at the beginning or end of your document. Argument Explanation  Explicit premises are the stated starting points of the argument – the claims that the author makes to support the conclusion.  Implicit premises are claims or assumptions that the argument relies on, but which are not stated.  You should identify and individuate the premises and conclusions of the argument as clearly as you can, but you are not required to number the argument’s claims or otherwise provide a stylized schema of the argument you’re analyzing.  Your explanation of the argument should employ interpretive charity; that is, you should present the most plausible reconstruction of the author’s view. Argument Evaluation: You evaluate an argument by assessing its validity and soundness.  An argument is valid when it is impossible for the premises to be true and the conclusion nevertheless to be false.  An argument is sound when it is valid and its premises are true. Tips: Do not waste words with introductions or conclusions like, “Since the beginning of time, humanity has evaluated arguments…” You do not need to include a bibliography, but you must cite the page number of all quotes. Be sure that you are quoting accurately; refrain from taking things out of context; avoid making assumptions about what the authors believe outside of what they argue in the paper.


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Explaining and Evaluating Arguments
Argument Explanation
Explicit Premises
David Schlosberg, the author of "Theorizing Environmental Justice: The Expanding Sphere of a Discourse," argues that the expanding research and discussion on the issue of environmental justice has been enlarged further compared to the past. In contrast, the scope has been applied to climate change and climate justice (38). The author also argues that there have been numerous concerns and movements around specific significant issues about local food and energy since the two have recently been identified as a crucial inclusion in environmental justice. Schlosberg supports his argument in various ways throughout the journal, stating that due to climate change, the notion of environmental justice has been given plausible attention as it absorbs discourses on environment and justice (Schlosberg 39). He states that the general concepts of environmental justice were not included in the academic analysis and the creation of theories in the past.

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