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Argument Essay Law Essay Research Coursework Paper (Essay Sample)


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Essay 6: Argument Weight: 20%
Rough draft: Thursday, July 30th Final draft: Thursday, August 6th
(Submission spot found in Week 9 unit) (Submission spot found in Week 10 unit)
Assignment: Using the conventions of argument, write a 3.5-5 paged essay that logically presents and defends your position on the prompt below. Students are required to incorporate 2-5 reliable sources into Essay 6. Essays that do not properly cite outside sources will receive a zero.
Prompt: Should juveniles who have been convicted of murder be sentenced to life in adult prisons, why or why not? (feel free to specify age group).
Sources: Students can choose from the following sources to support their arguments. Please use your own examples to develop your points by finding them in the unit case study file.
“Little Adult Criminals”- NYTE
“Adult Crime, Adult Time”- Linda Collier
“Should Juvenile Offenders Be Tried in Adult Courts?”-Laurence Steinberg
Cases in Juvenile sentencing case study folder (Week 9)
To meet length requirements:
Introduction: 6-8 sentences
Body paragraphs: 8-12 sentences each (excluding source material)
Conclusion: 6-8 sentences
To properly cite sources and avoid plagiarism:
Each direct quote taken from an outside source must have quotation marks that surround direct words/phrases taken from an author and an in-text citation at the end of the sentence. Paraphrased material must be properly integrated and have an in-text citation at the end of the sentence, and appropriate paraphrase does not use the source’s exact words (unless needed) or order of ideas. When using source material that may have vague wording, please provide a context for your reader, so they can understand what the source material is referring to.
Each piece of source material must be introduced, properly formatted/cited, and followed-up. Each outside source should



Student’s Name:
Professor’s Name:
The Fate of Juveniles after Maturity
Juvenile courts began to avoid young criminals from getting stuck with adult court punishments. That was a brave move as juveniles were not mature enough to make critical judgments. All had to achieve the age of 17 to be adults, and face the same sentencing faced by adults. The separation of courts saw the rehabilitation and reformation of notorious youths. However, to some extent, it is questioned since some teens take advantage of that to commit serious crimes. That has led to the trial of some minors in the adult courts. Still, society’s security has to be maintained at all costs because peace is very important (Steinberg, 2001). This paper discusses the reasons to support and oppose juvenile courts and argues on one of the options that would lead to the delivery of justice while maintaining the rights of juveniles.

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