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Animal Cruelty Laws: Suffering Or Premature Death (Essay Sample)


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Animal Cruelty Laws

Globally, animals have continuously become subjects of litigation. Animal cruelty is one of the most despicable crime worldwide and avertable. Brutality in animals entails neglect, warfare, killing during cultural events, among others. Following the brutality, basic care required for the animals to thrive is not provided, contributing to extreme suffering that results in perpetual injury or death. Continuous cases of animal cruelty led to cities like New York protecting animals from cruel treatment in 1829 (McGrath and Stephen 3). The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was later Founded by Henry Bergh and incorporated in 1866, by the New York act legislation and granted the authority to enforce laws and make arrests on animal cruelty and other crimes committed against animals (Wolf 1). Averting and punishing animal cruelty offenders have become the responsibilities of individual states. Animal cruelty laws are expected to increase the penalty for abusers to five years in prison. This paper discusses various animal cruelty laws that fight for the animal rights to avert their suffering or premature death.

Animal Warfare Prohibition Law

The law was enacted in 2007 under the federal law known as Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act of 2007, which took effect from 3rd May 2007 (Congress). The animals included were dogs, bulls, and cocks. The law prevents cruelty of these animals through prohibiting the fighting venture by providing techniques of prosecuting individuals who support animal fighting venture by supplying animals, equipment’s or money across foreign countries. The law also prohibits buying, selling, and transporting a dog or any animal for participation in an animal fight (Congress). As a result, anyone who contributes to the figh

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