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What Rising Labor Movement Brought (Essay Sample)


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What Rising Labor Movement Brought
In the years following the Great Depression, employees sought to come together to bargain for better remuneration standards and working conditions collectively. The economy was recovering from the Great Depression, and nearly a third of Americans were unemployed. The vulnerability of the American worker was demonstrated by the Great Depression when the industries had a relatively higher power in controlling labor dynamics of the country. The companies worsened the working terms and conditions, and this pushed the people to unite to collectively call for better recognition and protection under the law. Things started improving when Franklin D Roosevelt took office in 1932 and he accelerated ascension of several Acts to aid the economy to recover.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Election
As the Great Depression wore on, it was becoming evident Hoover’s antics to address the problem were effective. FDR expressed interest in the office of the president and campaigned on the promise of a new deal which referred to a wide array of programs designed to restore production and stability in banking, agriculture and industry. Hoover had suffered setbacks in implementing strategic plans for recovery. Hoover also lost the election by a landslide victory and his party, Democratic party, had control of the house and congress. FDR was also very strategic with his choices for political appointees and advisors in his government. Roosevelt was elected in November but took office in March 1932. During this transition period the stocks hit the lowest point during the Great depression and the banking and industrial sectors was collapsing. He had promised to have the new deal implemented in hundred days and he went on to pass several legislations in the same period.
The First New Deal
The new deal entailed programs engineered by FDR administration mainly on public works, financial reforms and regulations developed to steer the country out of the Great depression. One of the Acts he passed were the emergency banking which ended temporal banks closure and structured a new framework of regulating banks. He also passed the economy act which reduced the expenses of federal spending. On stabilizing the economy, FDR passed the Glass-Steagall Act which limited commercial bank securities to regulate speculations and establish FDIC. FDR also enacted the Securities Act which secured the trading of securities. One of the most important legislation especially to the American worker signed by FDR was the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA).
National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA)
Franklin D Roosevelt took office in March and barely three months later, he passed the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA). NIRA gave workers the legal mandate to unionize. NIRA clearly stated ‘Employees shall have the right to organize and bargain collectively through representative of their own choosing, and shall be free from the interference, restraint, or coercion of employers’ CITATION Sec34 \l 1033 (Section 7(a) of the N. I. R. A.). The legislation was later outlawed but it had set precedence on the place of the American worker relative to the employer. Employers held too much power such that they could compel workers to sign Yellow dog contracts. During the s

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