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What Were The Most Consequential Unintended Consequences Of The Reformation? (Essay Sample)


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Unintended Consequences of Reformation
The Unintended Consequences of Reformation
Western Christianity, before the Reformation, was expected to provide salvation for individuals as well as security for the societies on the earth. The aim of the Reformation was to foster this vision and not to disrupt it. However, there were consequences of the reform that came along which were not intended. The reform was faced with retention, transformation, and rejections. Some of the unintended consequences are discussed below.
There were high suicide rates among the Protestants than among the Catholics. This was what was observed after the protest. The governance system was highly and immediately impacted. The church was evicted of its power. This is because, immediately after the Reformation, the rulers of Protestant abandoned the religious elite for legitimacy. They turned to the parliament for support in terms of revenue and their ruling.
In the today's society, there are fragmentations, for instance, intellectual disagreements. This has been further fragmented to specialized discourse fractals. In this, it is argued that the modern science which is supposedly the source of truth is undermining religious beliefs. There is also a notion that there is a set moral values that have been smuggled into the society through the modern science that is trying to fertilize a liberalism that is sterilized. There is...
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