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U.S. History: Theory of the Columbian Exchange (Essay Sample)

Historian Alfred Crosby introduced the theory of the Columbian Exchange. Define this term and cite specific examples of how it works. Recently, historians have used the term Atlantic World to describe the relationship between Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans when they first came into contact with each other in the colonial world. Why is this term useful and how does it broaden our understanding of the past? source..
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U.S. History: Theory of the Columbian Exchange
The Columbian Exchange was in reference to the exchange of ideas, food crops and communicable diseases by people of different regions between those who were staying the Western and Eastern hemispheres. This is one of the historical events which brought about significant development in culture, ecology and agriculture in human history. Columbian exchange did affect almost all the societies in the world as they were able to get what they did not have from other regions of the world. This mostly affected agriculture as it made possible for almost all food crop, cash crops and domesticated animals to be introduced all over the world in the regions which had favorable weather conditions for their survival (Qian and Nunn, p 164).
Columbian Exchange was followed by Christopher Columbus in 1492. This was experienced not only by Europe but also Entire Eastern Hemisphere which gained on several ways through Columbian Exchange. There were also introduction of metals, and the world gained access to different types of food crops which changed their staple food. The staple foods which were gained are Maize, Cassava, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes, Pineapples, peanuts and Chili peppers among others.
Such diversification made sure that there were new food introduction and introduction of many other old World crops such as coffee, sugar which were suitable in different regions climatic conditions and soil. Although the exchange is believed to have brought in many gains it also brought in many losses as well which are mainly the diseases for previously isolated communities which did not have those communicable diseases. The European brought in United States diseases such as Measles, Cholera, Typhus and Smallpox which the Native Americans did not have immunity on them. While the Europeans sailors were infected with syphilis which they took to Europe although it is less deadly it has caused much social disruptions throughout the world. Due to the fact that the Natives had not been infected by the new diseases they were not having any immunity against the infections. Hence the infections reduced the United State...
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