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The Seattle Seahawks Franchise (Essay Sample)

Basically I need an overview of the NFL football team Seattle Seahawks. Info about how they became a team, player and coaching choices over time, and big wins, etc... Thanks. source..

Seattle Seahawks Franchise
This paper will trace the history of the Seattle Seahawks Franchise with an aim of revealing its chronological evolvement, management problems, successes, challenges that the team has encountered as well as specific and notable achievements that have been recorded through the years since it was founded. Starting with the historical background, the paper will finally examine what the future holds for the team.
It is undisputed that most of the massive and domineering companies in any sector of economy through out the world started small. It takes a lot of hard work, organization and determination to transform an idea to reality. Invariably, the development path is marred with myriad challenges. The Seattle Seahawks Franchise is no exemption. Overtime, Seattle Seahawks Franchise has been characterized with changes to wit that of ownership, management and of players.
Historical background
The British Franchise Association describes a franchise as a type of business in which two different companies come into an agreement allowing one business to use the trademark and business name of the bigger company at an agreed fee.

The Seattle Seahawks is a football team based in Washington, America. Currently it is a member of the West Division of the national football conference in the national football league. Brian Lester (1975) in his article on Seattle Seahawks reveals that Seattle Seahawks was founded in 1972 when a group of established businesspersons and elites in Seattle who owned a company by the name Seattle Professional Football Inc. conceived an idea to form a national football club for the city in the form of a franchise. In 1974, exactly two years later the franchise was expanded and later signed officially by Lloyd Nordstrom on behalf of the other stakeholders.
The franchise acquired its name, Seattle Seahawks, through a public naming competition, which attracted over two thousand participants generating more than a thousand names. The winning entry was chosen to be the operating and current name for the national football club. By this time, the club was fully operating and set to play its first game in the mid of the year 1976. Famous founders to wit Lloyd Nordstrom were however not lucky to witness this for they succumbed to illnesses before this. Lloyd can be named as the original owner of Seattle Seahawks since together with the Nordstrom family they had the biggest share in the franchise.
Management and Coaches
John Thompson was hired as the first general manager for the club in 1975. He in turn took Jack Petra, a former assistant coach for a Minnesota club to become the first head coach of the Seahawks. Albeit Petra did not have a big coaching background before, he raised the club to great heights and led it through some of their greatest victories in their history. Petra was removed after six-plus years as head coach and as replaced by Mike McCormack...
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