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The Role of Religion (Essay Sample)

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The Role of Religion
Presently, it is clear to many people than ever before on the existence of many different religions in the entire world. Because of the existence and even emergency of many religions in the world today, it is natural for human beings to inquire on the commonalities and differences on these religions. However, matters related to religion may not be easy to articulate or provide an infinity answer to all the people. In the world today, there are large and small religions, and while some are spread throughout the world, others are just centred in particular places (Masuzawa, 2005, 49–61). Among the large religions in the world today include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and to some extent Budhism. A closer observation to these religions will indicate the divisions and varieties among them. In most instances, each of the variations in each religion considers themselves to be the “true form” of which others were derived. In essence, some of the differences exhibited by these religions are so different to extent that they can be considered different religions altogether.
Religion has however been identified as one of the strong factors in many aspects of the modern world as one of the causes of conflicts. This owes to the fact that no two religions or divisions within a single religion agree entirely on all of their religious concepts. John Hepp observes that the aspect of religion is interconnected with culture and is in most instances employed by an individual or group of individuals to cover up for other ambitions or motivations. On the contrary, Clarke observes that religion in general, posts other positive aspects that can be acknowledged by many people. The norms and laws that are in use in many societies today have their roots in religion. It is probable that the world could have been different today with regard to the level of crimes and injustices in the case where religion was absent. Living in a world with no religion could indeed make people to be in their worst state morally (Nelson, 2009, p330). This study evaluates the role of religion in the traditional and modern perspective.
Role of Religion in traditional Perspective
In the world history, religion has always played an important role in many aspects. Indeed, it has been central to many people’s life in terms of politics, social life and spiritual aspects. Quarshie Hugh in his BBC commentary on the influence of traditional religions postulates that in traditional perspective, religion was like the spinal cord of many people’s daily life. There were prayers where these people thanked there gods when they were successful and when they were needful. Moreover, it was a mark used to identify an individual or society (Quarshie Hugh, 2010).
Majority of people in traditional communities in most instances shared common spiritual beliefs. Their culture was to...
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