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The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution History Essay (Essay Sample)


In the essay, you will take a primary source from the time period and explain how it relates to events. You will have to show a basic understanding of the history of the period in order to explain how your source is relevant. Sources can be written, or visual (photographs, political cartoons, artwork).


History: The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.
The Cultural Revolution was a sociopolitical period that resulted in China in the year 1966 and extending to 1976. The movement was launched by Mao Zedong, who was the leader of the China communist party (CPC). The leader started the revolution after he stepped down as the head of state, but continued as the chairperson of the CPC party. The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, lasting over a decade, became a historical movement of the governmental and social disorder caused by Mao Zedong’s with the aim to reaffirm his control over the party. According to Philips, the objective of the movement was to curb any effort the government had into changing the Republic of China into a capitalist nation. The leader of the movement was working towards expediting the advancement and alliance of the Communist structure in the nation. A large part of the historians believe that the Cultural Revolution originated in mid-May 1966 after party heads in Beijing gave out a paper identified as the “May 16 Notification”. Insights presented by Philips show that that the intrusion of the party by liberals led to the creation of a “dictatorship of the bourgeoisie” (Philips).

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