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The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements (1982), Jane Addams (Essay Sample)


Choose ONE of the following documents (read only the documents provided by the links and titles below).
William Dunning Explains the Failures of Reconstruction (1901) (Links to an external site.)
The American Federation of Labor (1883) by Samuel Gompers (Links to an external site.)https://wwnorton(dot)com/college/history/america10/ch/17/documents.aspx?selTab=3#titles
An Indian's Perspective, Chief Joseph (Links to an external site.)https://wwnorton(dot)com/college/history/america10/ch/18/documents.aspx?selTab=5#titles
Platform of the American Anti-Imperialist League (Links to an external site.)https://wwnorton(dot)com/college/history/america10/ch/20/documents.aspx?selTab=3#titles
Necessity for Social Settlements by Jane Addams (Links to an external site.)https://wwnorton(dot)com/college/history/america10/ch/21/documents.aspx?selTab=4#titles
League of Nations must be revised by Henry Cabot Lodge (Links to an external site.)https://wwnorton(dot)com/college/history/america10/ch/22/documents.aspx?selTab=5#titles

In a Word document, write 750-900 words about the document you chose, including the following:

Provide a historical context of the document – using the textbook or power points, provide an understanding of what is going on in the time period
Provide a summary of the document, including the author(s) or any other important information (what information do we know about the author, when and where they wrote the document, and how that document might be biased when considering those facts?)
How does this document fit into the historical context?

You are NOT ALLOWED to use outside sources for this assignment. You must use only the textbook, notes from the PowerPoint, and the document itself.

Make sure to check your assignment for spelling and gram


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The Subjective Necessity for Social Settlements (1982), Jane Addams
The Context Within Which the Article Was Written
The subjective necessity for social settlements revolves around the progressive era of 1890 to 1920. The progressive era was a period of social activism and different political reforms in the united states of America. The aim of the progressive was the elimination of the problems that were caused by industrialization, political corruption, and immigration. Therefore, the changes had to affect people's ways of living in order to create an environment that did not express the impacts of industrialization and political differences. The movements focused on bringing down the different political machines and the regulation of the various monopolies through the use of antitrust laws. As a result, these decisions would promote equal competition and in turn, lead to great economic growth. Various activists joined hands into reforming public education, the local government, and medicine, among others. The progressives were responsible for professionalization and the introduction of social, economic, and political sciences.
Article Summary
In the article, Addams outlines various ideas that can be applied by a society in regard to growth and engagement in personal investments. She also pointed out that the renaissance of the Christian humanitarianism was going on in Chicago and America with a chance of expressing the social service according to the ways of Christ. This is a description of the activities that were going on in the progressive era whereby the communities had a goal of uniting different social groups. According to the article, the first settlement happened in 1889. This was made possible with the belief that people should have a house, an ample space which is easily accessible in the middle of the foreign colonies in Chicago. The colonies had a tendency to isolating themselves, and therefore, there was a need to create social democracy through the settlements.

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