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Essay 3: The Struggle for Equality. History Essay Papers (Essay Sample)


Try to write as simple as possible. And write according to the point on my picture, and mark the APA, for example, where the article came from.



Essay 3: The Struggle for Equality


In Chapter 5, you have learned about the idea of equality: how it was viewed at different times, how it has changed over time, how African Americans were prevented from gaining equality, and how they struggled to achieve it.


Essay Topic

In your essay you will discuss the achievements and setbacks in the fight for equality for African Americans. Give your perspective on/opinion about the state of equality today compared to the past and whether you think more needs to be done to achieve equality for African Americans or not.


Use the readings in the textbook and the articles provided to you to support your opinion.


Use the pre-writing skill, making a chart, we practiced in class.


*** This essay helps assess the following Student Learning Outcomes from the syllabus:

#1. Identify main ideas and supporting details in short to long paragraphs and multi-paragraph  


#3. Use source information accurately (paraphrasing, quoting, citing).

#4. Use the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing) in a multiple draft

      assignment, to improve each draft.

#6. Write a multi-paragraph text to make an argument using different types of support.

#7. Use grammar and lexis appropriately, accurately, and consistently.


The goal of this assignment is to refine:

-          writing an effective thesis statement

-          writing well-supported and focused body paragraphs with clear topic sentences

-          incorporating ideas from the readings and citing them accurately

-          writing an effective introduction and conclusion

-          using academic vocabulary from the readings


In order to complete this assignment successfully, you need to:

-          complete all prewriting activities

-          create a chart to organize information from the different readings

-          write a first, second, and final draft


Your essay should have at least 3 body paragraphs, an introduction, and a conclusion (approximately 750 words).


Due dates:

Draft 1: Friday, November 15

Draft 2: Monday, November 25

Final draft: Wednesday, November 27



You will be graded on both content and form according to the rubric I will supply to you.




Course Tittle:
The Struggle for Equality
The divide between African Americans and the whites has been in existence for ages and the black person is in continuous struggle to attain equality and be seen as a human being with equal rights. Essentially, progress has been made over the years with key issues being the availability of equal opportunities, racism and discrimination, harassment by authority, prejudice and emotional torture. This essay will analyze the state of equality today as compared to the past and give an opinion of whether there is more to be done.

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