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Special Discussion Board. Benjamin Franklin's Time in France. (Essay Sample)


TOPIC: So, the American Revolution begins and the Continental Congress sends Benjamin Franklin as our minister to France. Write an essay in which you tell the story of Franklin's time in France. Among all of the other information you supply in your essay, be certain you cover each of the following:
1) How was Franklin received in France? Was he liked and, if so, why and by whom?
2) What reasons did France have for favoring the Colonies over England in the war? Specifically, what was the nature of Franco-British relations by the 1770s? You will need some knowledge of what has gone on in Europe previous to the American Revolution to answer this one.
3) What was France hoping to get out of American independence?
4) What two treaties did Franklin ultimately get France to agree to (provide their names)? What were the terms of each treaty, and what was the impact of those treaties on the war effort? Be specific, particularly in discussing those battles in which French military power was a major factor. The more detail, the better.
5) How does Franklin's success compare to the experience of any other American envoy to a European nation during the Revolution? Again, specifics count.


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Benjamin Franklin's Time in France
How was Franklin received in France? Was he liked and, if so, why and by whom?
Generally, there were some traits that Benjamin Franklin possessed that impressed France. Sources indicate that France admired him because of his unchallengeable personality (Potter par. 1). Franklin’s arrival was significantly celebrated in France. Upon his arrival in Paris, Franklin was welcome by Diane de Vobrillac, a confidant of King Louis XVI. Following the above, France made him become their most trusted ambassador. Even though at this stage, Franklin was still unable to speak French fluently, the French government was glad for his role. They frequently provided him with the opportunities of learning French so that he could live like a French national. Following the battering welcome in France, he was made to become the first official ambassador and diplomat to thirteen colonies. During this time, France was persistently availing the Continental Army with weapons, particularly, between the years of 1778 and 1728. Much as Franklin was loved in France, Britain was unhappy with his alliance with France. He continued residing in a suburb of passey, in the house that was freely donated to him by Jacques Donatren Le Ray de Chaumont, a financially stable French national. While in Passey, he befriended the rich man, who bankrolled his political ambitions, which helped him plan for a revolution. Therefore, Franklin’s arrival was so much celebrated in France since the French nationals loved his personality.

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