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Rough Draft Of The American Revolution (Essay Sample)


The topic is The American Revolution
1. This war is righteousness
2. Right Leader
3. American people work hard
4. Help from other countries
Each point is one paragraph, background in the beginning paragraph and one conclusion.


Rough draft of The American Revolution
Thesis Statement
This paper aims to discuss the most significant issues affecting the American Revolution way back in the 1700's. It seeks to find out the factors that have led to the cause of the revolutionary movement in the colonial United States. The discussion will be stressing the importance of American independence that created a national identity to the Americans. In addition, this paper will be explaining the most historical events that impacted the present day society.
There are a significant number of popular wars in United States. One is the American Revolution, which is one of the most important military conflicts in American History. This is the revolutionary conflict that significantly affected the history of the United States. The American Revolution symbolizes the real independence of the United States. Other significant war includes the Thirteen State War with the British Empire. This was the war that erupted between the British Empire against its North American Colonies' thirteen states. The American Revolution took place between 1775 and1783 (Ferling, n.p.).
George Washington was in the United States when the thirteen colonies waged a war against the British Empire. This conflict is considered as the Bourgeois Revolution, which is the national liberation movement. The countries who took part in this war are the United States of America, France, Spain, Britain, and the Netherlands. Foreign countries merged with each other to fight against the British. The main reason is to change the existing economic policy. The war affected the entire colonial North America (Alexander, p. 187).
The British during the conflict used their advantages in the navy to occupy settlement of lineal city, but became confused on how to control the rural areas. The French naval victory based in Chesapeake city made the British army at the battle of Yorktown in surrendered in 1781. In 1783 of the treaty of Paris acknowledged the independence of the United States (Garaty & Carnes, n.p.). This is because many colonial residents fled the thirteen colonies and settles down in the north, so the establishment of the war at the same time also to Canada became a country.
The main cause of the revolutionary war was when opposition leaders for the United States were no longer affirmed the oppression of the British soldiers. The native colonists living in America started to create a new identity and referred themselves as Americans (Ferling, n.p.).
Why I say the war is justifiable? During the American War of independence, the British colonial rule won the national independence. Americans established a democratic bourgeois, which is a new political system. The war is conducive to the development of American capitalism, after the revolution in Europe and Latin America also played a role in promoting Ferling, n.p.). The American people in the UK's long-term oppression and rule have been the most fundamental reason is to get rid of the entire colonial rule. This prompted the oppressed to wage a war and make their country become independent. The result of the revolution is an idea of justice, which is also the war victory. President Washington once said "all the harmony and balance, health and fitness, success and happiness, are produced by the upward psychology of optimism and hope and caused”. It fully embodies the American people's yearning for peace and the spirit of optimism (Dull, n.p.).
Who is the leader in the American Revolution? It is George Washington. He is the first president in United States. Washington is the American revolutionary war commander in chief of the continental arm

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