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Rodriguez/Briggs analysis paper History Essay Research (Essay Sample)


use some direct quotes (with specific page #s as citations) as examples/evidence to further support analysis . Check the guideline.


Guidelines for Article Analysis Papers1. Every paper must be:
a. Typed
b. Double-spaced
c. 1-inch margins
d. Times or Times New Roman font size 12
2. To be included in the top right or left-hand comer of the first page (single-spaced):
a. Name
b. Date
c. Course Number
3. Every paper must include a title (be creative!)
4. Paper length: 1-2 pages
5. Required content:
a. Introductory paragraph
i. Provide a brief explanation of the article(s) you are analyzing and identify the author’s main focus/argument
b. Body paragraphs
i. Examine specific examples from the text that appear to be of particular significance or interest
c. Conclusion paragraph
I recommend you incorporate a few (2-3) direct quotes that serve as examples from the reading to support your analysis - think of quotes as evidence that will strengthen your points. However, do not let quotes speak for themselves, or fill your paper with overly long quotes - follow quoted material with further analysis or explanation. Be sure to put direct quotes in quotation marks and provide proper citation (either a page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence or in a footnote).


Student name
Course Title
History of Female Circumcision and Clitoridectomy
Female circumcision is a practice that has been around since the early eighteenth century and up to the late twentieth centuries when Doctors started to warn people against it due to its dangerous effects. Despite numerous warnings from medical personnel, the trend has still been there especially in most African countries whereby people in villages still consider it a cultural practice. Below are discussions on how clitoridectomy practices affect the female species especially in regards to sexual stimulation.

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