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Revolutionary War and States’ Founders Planning (Essay Sample)


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Revolutionary War and States’ Founders Planning
The American Revolutionary War was one of the most successful military revolts against Great Britain. The thirteen colonies that formed the United States were dominions of Great Britain. Although the conflict was initially constrained to fighting in the colonies, it later became a global conflict between France and Britain, Spain, and the Netherlands (Shaffer 87). Research suggests that the conflict ensued because of the taxes imposed by the British government among most Americans. Besides, patriot Suffolk abolished the permissible regime of the Massachusetts Bay province, thus influencing the commencement of formal acts of revolt against the ascendancy of the British. Arguably, the American Revolutionary War occurred because of the tension between American colonies and Britain.
The American Revolutionary emerged as a result of the dominion of British rule. As a result, the citizens of the thirteen colonies that later became the United States of America rebelled out of the discontent. Therefore, it is apparent that the main reason for the reaction of the colonies was the issue of taxation (Clark et al., 67). England’s Congress passed regulations in the year 1774 with the intent of imposing taxes on colonists. The Stamp and Sugar Act were some of the laws that Great Britain enacted to obtain the required taxes. The Revenue Act of 1974 poised various questions, such as whether or not the King would tax the colonies. The reaction against taxation without representation was quite violent, thus influencing the emergence of the Revolutionary War.
The American Revol

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