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Response Essay - Declaration of Independence (Essay Sample)


Response Paper:
- Should be no less than 3 full pages, using 12 pt font, double space, Helvetica, or Tahoma
- Essentially apply MLA to your papers
- Address the Critical Thinking questions, using three quotes from the readings or videos, with citations. If you do not have the three quotes with citations you will lose points.
- Responses should not be summarizing the information you read, but your analysis and, or critiques.
CTQs: What are Zinn's perspectives on the real reasons for the Revolution, and the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? What are rights and when are they revoked? Equal protection under the law excludes certain groups, why?
Weekly Reading:
“Tyranny is Tyranny (Howard Zinn)”
“A Kind of Revolution” (Howard Zinn)
History In The Making - Declaration of Independence
Same-Sex Marriage & the 14th Amendment


Declaration of Independence
Revolution in America means the war that happened between the colonies in America and the Great Britain from 1775 to 1783 by which the colonies got their independence. Zinn believed that the revolution has been just a revolution for the elite people who were living in colonies in response to the British policies which were harmful to them. The revolution made the elites in colonies to gain control of the colonies and thus they were able to run those colonies. In his perspective Zinn tried to establish the state in which the society was during the war. According to Zinn most people who were belonging to the lower classes did not have any need of participating in War because the war was led by the wealthy individuals. The mulattoes, Indians and the blacks who were trying to get involved in the war with the belief that it would help them in achieving their freedom ended up being turned away. This led to the creation of a problem to the revolutionary army since the poor white who did not have any slaves and the suffering communities to take sides with the British who were promising them that they will have their freedom. According to Zinn the rich elites involved in the war that lead to revolution since the British army were involved in getting rid of the French and also subdued the Indians. The British community had become a nuisance and they thought that if they ruling class did not pay taxes to them, they would have been able to keep more wealth. Also, another reason was that the unrest was growing in the colonies against the homegrown elites and the British. The homegrown upper classes wanted to take advantage of the energy and direct it against the British. Zinn support the arguments that he made by showing that the conditions of women, slaves and those who were working class did not change even after the United States achieved their independence.
Zinn developed the ideas that the Revolution in America did not transform those that owned the means of producing the new nation. Also Zinn argues that the repressive social and economic

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