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Response to Busbecq's Letters. History Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Create a reply written by Nicholas Michault to one of the passages from Busbecq’s letters (see below). As you compose your reply, ask yourself how Michault might have responded to Busbecq’s account of his experiences in Constantinople. What might he have found most surprising? What questions might he have had? review the section “The Turkish Ruling Houses: The Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals” in Chapter 17 of your textbook before you begin.
Using cited text from the textbook "Understanding World Socities w/ Worlds of History Vol.2" author: Mckay
Using Chapter 17 as your cited references


Response to Busbecq's Letters
Busbecq was a diplomat sent by the Suleiman I (the magnificent) to Constantinople as an ambassador. He went to represent the roman empire that was in a tug of war with the ottoman empire to take over Transylvania that was on the border of the two major empires in Europe, but Hungry also interested in taking it. His negotiation was long and took around six years for the three parties to come to a solid agreement. Busbecq expressed his experience to his friend and fellow diplomat Michault in the form of four long letters for sharing the experiences privately. Even though the letters were not intended for publication, they were published in 1589. 

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