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'A Different Mirror' by Takaki (Essay Sample)

The paper will consist from 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph should be the summary of the chapter2 on Takaki, Ronald. "A Different Mirror". Little brown company 2009. with minimum 500words. The second paragraph should be a summary of the film called "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Prof. Jared Diamond focusing on the 3 concepts of the theme in the film. I would like the three key word of the concept to be bolded. This paragraph should be minimum 300words. The last paragraph should be a critique analysis of chapter2 on Takaki, Ronald. "A Different Mirror". Little brown company 2009. with minimum 200words. I would like 1 source to be used in this paragraph. source..
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Reflection Paper
Chapter 2 of "A Different Mirror" by Takaki seeks to explain the origin or race and people`s culture. Takaki`s emphasis was more inclined towards letting the audience understands the term "savage" which originally defined the individual color complexion, but now embrace their actions. He began the chapter by examining the English people and their efforts in taking over the Irish. As the chapter begins, Takaki identified the Irish as savages. The name however connoted the actions and intelligence level. Throughout the chapter the author compares the actual history of the time as denoted by William Shakespeare play "the tempest;. Likewise, the chapter majored on the Englishman negatives and tended to justify the Irish native man. Ideally, the chapter focused more on the treatments advanced by the Englishman towards his fellow counterpart with the Irish origin. We can clearly understand that, the relationship between these two communities were the master-servant relationship which was characterized with a lot of oppression and discrimination. The setting of this story enables the reader to understand how life was in the slavery era. He however noted that the time of oppressive and discriminative actions towards a fellow American was long gone and that there was an enormous need to uphold multiculturalism in the U.S. With multiculturalism, there would be no English and non-English man, and people would not be judged from their native origin, but would be judged by their actions and behaviors. This is the only way that America would be able to attain its dream objective of being a role model to the rest of the countries across the world. Although there was a sour relationship between the English and the Irish man, the author never encouraged it at all. He was therefore determined to bring out multiculturalism into the scene after a long discriminative and oppressive regime. We can therefore argue and consider Takaki as an activist who favored assimilation and integration of communities. Having been written at a time when Americans had to choose between English or white man against a black man, the book greatly served its purpose as it urged people not to concentrate much on the skin color. The chapter therefore swiftly campaigned for Obama by bringing out a negative image on the English man. It also served well since with multiculturalism, every American citizen could now enjoy equal opportunity in life regardless of his skin color and ancestral origin. The chapter also referred much of its work and arguments to the experiences encountered in 1600, and because of this he was able to bring out the disadvantages of racial discrimination. He therefore urged American people to shun racism and instead, uphold multicultura...
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