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Architecture and Culture (Essay Sample)

Need essay by Monday April 18, 2011 9:00 a.m. latest. Using the Realism period need 1100 word essay explaining why architect is important to the development of our culture. Please use edu or org websites for the works cited. source..
Architecture and Culture
Realism in virtual arts and literature refers to the general attempt to portray subjects in accordance with secular and empirical rules. The 18th C is referred to as period of enlightenment, the period when the lights of enlightenment were introduced into the minds of many people and the human rice advanced (Jencks 15). The enlightenment consisted of small, isolated groups which had little impact on the government. The enlightenment movement only created some impact where a ruler of a senior official from the government was directly involved. The different diversities of art forms during the realism period cannot however be grouped into distinct groups.
Neolithic architecture refers to the architecture of the Neolithic period. Neolithic cultures appear after 10,000 B.C in the South west Asia, where they later spread to the East and the West (Jencks 21). The Neolithic people of Syria and especially Northern Mesopotamia and Central Asia were great builders. The people utilized mud-bricks to construct houses and villages. Many houses of such periods were plastered and painted with scenes of humans and animals. In Europe, there were very long houses made from wattle and daub. Just as today’s grave are constructed in relation specific designs, in Egypt elaborate tombs were constructed. The tombs are still numerous in Ireland. The Neolithic people of Britain built long barrows and chamber tombs for their dead with causewayed camps (Jencks 38). In Egypt however, many people believed in the omnipotence of Gods and many aspects of their life’s was carried out with respect and consultation to these divine being. Its manifestation was in nights, years, seasons and the continued generations (Jencks 42). Days and harvests in Egypt were regarded as the manifestation of fertility for these gods. Thus the founders and order authorities of many buildings in Egypt were performed by the priests and rulers and the process was accompanied by rituals. Ancient architecture in Egypt was usually characterized by the tension between divine and mortal world.
The architect of Greek and Roman cultures was different from those of the Egyptians. Among the Greek and Romans, civic life was very vital and was always considered and sustained by the agoras which were surrounded by public buildings, stores and temples (Curtis 108). The agoras were responsible for the maintenance of social justice. Temples in ancient Greek were situated on high places such as mountains for closer touch with the maker. The Romans cultures conquer the Greek cities and many other parts of the western world; their problem was however, disunity and disparity. The Roman Empire had extended in many parts creating a challenge. Public participation on Rome was eliminated from the ritual performances a characteristic adopted from the Greek after conquering them. In the reign of Julius Caesar, many buildings were a manifestation of front elevations in the space (Curtis 117). Many Romans chose the representation of sanctity in the communicative nature of space, the process was made possible by the advances in engineering in Rome and the newly found marble quarries. The inventions lead to new form of Roman culture developing for instance the arch, where space was enclosed in domes and colonnades (Curtis ...
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