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Realism, Impressionism Essay. History Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Luncheon on the Grass Seurat. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. 1884-86 write a 250- 350 word essay comparing both of these paintings.Please consider:The relationship between both art movements, Realism and ImpressionismThe setting and narrative of each painting.The subject matter and how it plays into Parisian life.The method and execution of the painting process. (how it was made)Grading Rubric for In Class Writing ExerciseArt History (HATM211) Summer ‘20Instructor: D.D’AndradeCriteriaFOLLOWING OF INSTRUCTIONSDoes the paper follow the instructions set out in the assignment prompt? Was a completeproposal and annotated bibliography submitted? Is the essay 250 words or more (before ImageReference and Works Cited)? 20 pointsFORMATTINGMLA: Are there 1” margins, a complete heading, a header with last name and page numbers, atitle (plain text, title caps), 12pt Times New Roman or Arial Font, artwork titles in italics withdates in parentheses, in-text citations, artwork “Figure” references, and a correctly formattedWorks Cited page (alphabetical and hanging indents)? 20 pointsMECHANICSAre correct spelling, punctuation and grammar used throughout the paper? Is there subject/verbagreement, appropriate capitalization, and appropriate word choice? 10 pointsCONTENTIntroduction:Is there a clear opening sentence that begins the essay well? Is the thesis statement in theintroduction and is it clear? Do I understand what the historical context and artworks from theselected period the paper will be discussing from reading this paragraph? 50 points


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Realism, Impressionism
Luncheon on the Grass was one of many works of realism that underscored art's position in achieving timelessness and obeying established conventions. Like in the Luncheon on the Grass, where Manet is trying to acknowledge Europe’s heritage, Georges Seurat in his A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte tries to prove a point that painting in strokes does not produce as bright color as painting in dots (House, 144). 

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