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The Real Story Behind The US 9/11 Terrorist Attack (Essay Sample)


Write a new body paragraph for the essay I attached below, utilizing a new primary source, or at least DIFFERENT TEXT from a primary source.
In this additional paragraph, provide new argument and use evidence to support the argument for this paragraph.
Since this is an additional paragraph to this research essay, please make sure the writing style, the complexity of words choice as well as the grammars remains the same. And the additional paragraph has to follow the logic of the original essay.
Please write the additional paragraph in about 200 words, and please use another short paragraph to briefly explain three takeaways that you are learned while doing your research project(not only this paragraph but also the whole essay). Also, explain one thing that you wish you had done or done better if you had more time.




A shocking and terrible news had shaken the world when Islamic extremists headed by Osama Bin Laden carried out suicide attacks against the United States last September 11, 2001. A total of 2,763 people died when the World Trade Center burnt and collapsed due to the crashing of the hi-jacked American Boeing 767 loaded with gallons of jet fuels into WTC’s Northern and Southern tower. Pentagon, which is an American military headquarter, also experienced the same violence when an American Flight Airline 77 do crash into its west side causing around 189 people to die from the structural collapse brought by the impact of the encounter. The foul play of the plane crashed in Pennsylvania which killed about 44 people has been another blow of offense on the US side on that same day (“9/11 Attacks”, 2018).

Indeed, the 911 terrorist attack in the US is the deadliest event in the history of New York City encompassing a lot of structural damages and casualties. What might be surprising about this historical devastation was the incapacity of the United States to protect their territory from the threat of terrorism despite their strong military and powerful air forces known throughout the world. This is the reason why several people, particularly, the revisionist were in the fog of suspicion and doubt in regards to the real story behind the 911 terrorist attack. Does the US really lack the initiative to combat terrorism due to Bush laxity during his presidency? or Does 911 attack serve to be some sort of compelling conspiracy for the US’s hidden interest of invasion in the Middle East? In this article, various prerogatives will be investigated and analyzed in order to understand the real story behind the 911 terrorist attack. Certain theories and scholarly investigations will also be discussed and justified in order to strengthen the argument that there was indeed a conspiracy behind the world’s most violent event of 2001 and the flaws of terror were also caused by the US administration in the light of promoting their own political agendas.

The breakdown of the World Trade Center on both its Northern and Southern wings turned out to be one of the most talk-about conspiracy issues. The structural integrity of World Trade Center Building destroyed by intense fire perpetrated by planes marked to be questionable to some Americans, particularly, conspiracy theorists due to several notions. For them, it is totally impossible that an impact of the jet through it carried engine fuels would widely disrupt 80 stories below unless it was affected by explosives such as concussion bombs. According to reports, the initial commandeered plane struck the 94th to the 98th floors of the North tower and the latter crashed the 78th to 84th levels of the South tower. However, as the casualty report revealed, the lobby which was 80 floors beneath was greatly damaged too even before the tower collapse. This simply intensifies the suspicion that a possible detonation of explosives in the ground happen concurrently as the plane slammed (Popular Mechanics, 2017).

Theorist also found out that the weight of kerosene from the aircraft will not be able to ignite a fire immensely hot enough to melt steel leading to structural failure just like in World Trade Center. Although the deputy chief Vincent Dunn appealed that widespread structural failure may arise if steel frames lose even half of its strength due to too much heat reaching 1500oF, theorist found it still insufficient to break down extremely tall towers (Popular Mechanics, 2017). In fact, according to FEMA report of engineers who examined the integrity of the building, the steel bar-joist trusses and floor framing of the two towers were too compl...

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