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Puerto Rico Island: A Territory Of The U.S. May Have Various Status (Essay Sample)


This is one page long essay about Puerto Rico. You should describe pros and cons of 3 statuses that Puerto Rico may have: Common Law, Independence, US State. Then Pretend that you are a citizen of PR living on island and pick wich status you believe is the best.

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Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Island, a territory of the U.S. may have various status. Common law status refers to laws that come into existence by judges making decisions and rulings that becomes a precedent. The common law, borrowed from the U.S and practiced in Puerto Rico, is beneficial as it provides specificity by interpreting the law making its application to various areas such as constitutional areas, or criminal areas, thereby helping the country become stable. Contrary, the common law only allows the courts to change it after a situation occurs and not out of their volition. Consequently, for Puerto Rico, they cannot change laws governing their country without consulting the United States that has legislation control over them.
The topic of independence of Puerto Rico Islands is one highly debated topic, with some citizens fighting against it while others are pushing for it. Independence for Puerto Rico would be beneficial in that it would improve their quality of life by enabling them to choose the leaders they want, make independent decisions and enter into trade agreements with other countries that would boost its economy. However, gaining independence would make Puerto Rico lose all its federal benefits from the US and any other cooperation presently existing pushing them further into economic crisis. Also, the citizens would grapple with free travel restrictions across the United States.
The status of Puerto Rico as the 51st US state is one that has been in constant debates on the island. By becoming a US state, it would benefit from increased federal government funding that would propel the island forward. Similarly, the population would gain a right to vote for a president and get equal representation. However, achieving independence would consequence in the loss of their cultural identity as it would necessitate the people to learn and speak English, a...
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