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Pre-history; Mesopotamia, and Ancient Egypt (Essay Sample)

I chose History in the subject area indicated above because I did not see humanities but humanities is the course. This project's topic is on Pre-history; Mesopotamia; and Ancient Egypt. It needs to be focused on the topic as well as the following cultural theme. Positive & Negative developments in Western Culture. Questions: what artistic, political, technological, economic, social, philosophical, religious, and military developments were shaped by different Western Cultures? How did they change the world? Are developments keeping pace today with our ability to responsibly use them? Who controls these developments (gate keepers)? Is there oversight of these developmental "gate keepers?" It needs to be 4 pages long in MLA format and you can use up to 4 sources. Please DO NOT forget to include bibliography. Thank You. source..
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Pre-history; Mesopotamia, and Ancient Egypt
The shaping of Western Civilization is a coherent perspective of civilization from the Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The cultures of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt around 4000-1000 BC were the main western civilizations. These were the two places in the world where building of cities, food storage and farming started. The two civilizations were polytheistic. They had a belief that their worlds were ruled by more than one god. The two cultures also had a belief that the main purpose of being created was to serve their respective gods. They had both the code of law and an educational system. There exist various patterns, which were similar, between the civilizations of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt. This was a clear illustration that there existed some development patterns which might have been common to early civilizations. However, the two civilizations never had a lot of contact between them (Noble, 40).
In Mesopotamia, sculptor and architecture were of high quality. The great buildings of Mesopotamia were decorated with strips of colored clay and gorgeous frescos and reliefs. They used adobe and bricks for construction. They invented the vault and the arch. They constructed splendid palaces like the Khorsabad. They also built monumental gates like the Ishtar Gate and great temples like Marduk temple in Babylon. They used stone in sculptor.
On the other hand, the features of technology in Ancient Egypt are normally characterized by a collection of customs and artifacts which lasted for many years. The Egyptians invented and utilized a lot of simple machines. This included the lever and the ramp. This helped during the processes of construction. They also played a key role in enhancing the development of maritime technology in the Mediterranean. This included lighthouses and ships.
Also, Mesopotamians invented various technologies. They invented the wheel wh...
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