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Essay over The Manhattan Project (Essay Sample)

Essay over The Manhattan Project Two Pages, double spaced, 1" margins Times New Roman - 12 pt. font Three works cited (Wikipedia is not a source - it can only lead to other sources cover the following questions - what was the Manhattan Project? - what happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki? - what would an island by island invasion of Japan have cost America? -what would your decision have been if you were President Truman? Please follow the instruction and do not copy and paste from the website. thank you source..
The Manhattan Project
The Manhattan project can be described as the code name of the mission aimed at coming up with the first nuclear weapons by the Americans. This project was carried out during the World War 2 with backing from the United Kingdom as well as Canada (Lee and Robin 4). The project was established and based in the United States with Brigadier General Leslie Groves as the commander. The Manhattan project resulted to the construction of the first ever atomic bomb in the world in the year 1945. During this period, top scientists such as Albert Einstein and engineers were very much involved in the construction of the first atomic bomb (Breuer 46). This project was carried out with a lot of secrecy despite the fact that more than two hundred thousand people were involved in approximately forty laboratories.
The first nuclear test was carried out in a desert found in New Mexico to mark the beginning of the atomic age. This test had the code name "trinity" and was carried out on July 16, 1945. After the success of this test, the scientists and engineers constructed two atomic bombs for use during the world war two(Breuer 57). The first of these two bombs weighed nine thousand pounds and was named "little Boy;. The second atomic bomb was a bit bigger as it weighed ten thousand pounds. This was named "fat Man;. The two bombs were specifically meant for attacking Japan. On august 6, 1945, the smaller atomic bomb which was nicknamed "litt...
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