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What do scholars consider the most important effect of the Opium War? (Essay Sample)


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Research Paper First Draft
HIS 391
What do scholars consider the most important effect of the Opium War?
The Opium War, which was war between China and Britain that took place between 1839 and 1860. In reality, there were two different wars: the first began in 1839 and lasted until 1842 and the second began in 1856 and ended in 1860. The background to this war is linked to the need for more open trade routes for Europeans as Chinese emperors had adopted isolationist policies, which affected trade. The deteriorating trade balance began to hurt Europeans, and the British began to sell opium. Attempts by Chinese rulers to ban the importation of opium, which became a major public health problem, led the British to attack Hong Kong, which started the war. China conceded and signed trade treaties that allowed opium to be sold.

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