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Your Opinions Towards The Colonization, Imperialism And Revolution (Essay Sample)


Submit an essay about your opinions towards the colonization, imperialism and revolution, and the essay
should include the following:
1. The history and development of colonization in Europe, Africa and America;
2. The colonial impact on slavery;
3. Imperial and colonial triumphs and conflicts;
4. The source of rebellion and the roots of revolution;
5. Your understanding of the causal connections among colonization, imperialism and revolution


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Colonization, Imperialism, and Revolution
The European powers including France, Russia, Germany, and Britain introduced imperialism in Asia, Africa, and South America during the early twentieth century. The main aim of the colonialists was to acquire raw materials for their industries. During their invasion, the imperialists colonized smaller countries that had more resources after realizing they could not obtain their key targets. The invasion was influential since it contributed to the rise of new industries across Europe. For this reason, the American and European countries had to exploit tropical African countries to rebuild their economies. The colonial masters enacted policies that influenced the transformation of African lives.
History and Development of Colonization
Colonialism had numerous impacts on Europe and Africa. For instance, the European conquest of influenced the scramble and partition for Africa. Moreover, Europeans influenced new agricultural and technological innovations to facilitate development. In North America, the European colonization had a significant impact on the lives of Native Americans (Etherington 9). For instance, the affected group had to deal with European power politics because of new political relationships. Furthermore, the influential nations across Europe fought to conquer a change of economic system, social practices across African territories, and the government (Rosenzweig, et al. 33). The Europeans exploited resources in African countries and even enslaved the residents to provide labor in farms and industries.
Colonial Impact on Slavery
Colonialism had adverse social impacts on Africans and other colonies. For instance, the imperialists enslaved people to provide labor in their industries and plantation farms. Moreover, the

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