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Op-Ed Global Cultural War History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


prompt: Write an op-ed piece that draws on readings from the course and your own analysis to make an argument for a public audience related to one of the culture wars issues from Unit II. An op-ed (standing for “opposite the editorial page”) is a short opinion piece that makes a clear and concise argument about a timely issue.
Draw on at least 2 readings from Unit II in crafting your op-ed. You may draw in other materials as well, just make sure they are from reputable sources and properly cited.
Use at least some historical knowledge/framing as evidence to support your thesis (remember, we’re asking this semester: how can history help us better understand today’s culture wars?). We are grading based on your ability to make a sound argument, not the position you take.
Make sure your op-ed reflects a global and not just a U.S.-based perspective.
2-2.5 pages, 12-pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, MLA citations and a bibliography
The topic that I chose: Immigration Policy, sources will be in files
Strong papers will:
Have a clear thesis that is developed over the course of the paper.
Strategically and effectively use evidence from course texts/materials to prove the thesis.
Reflect a clear organizational structure (see the next page for guidance)
Be clearly written.
Include a clear and punchy title.
Use MLA citations and include a bibliography (op-eds don’t usually do this, but for the sake our this course we will ask you to cite your sources).
PLEASE!!! read the information in the requirement doc and follow every structure from it to write the OP-ED!!! There are multiple steps involved
I attached four different sources that you can choose, chose at least 2, and don't cite them wrong, thank you


Global Cultural War
Oct. 24th, 2020
Where Do You Come From? The Question Mexican Immigrants Fear Most
August 31st, 2016 was a historic moment for immigration in America. Donald Trump, then the Republican nominee for president gave the much-anticipated speech on immigration policy at the convention in Phoenix. Some months preceding the event, Trump had rallied against illegal immigration at his campaign rallies. Trump had made it clear that once elected president, he would build a 2000-mile wall on the southern border with Mexico, and force Mexico to pay for it. Since then, the Trump administration has made efforts towards limiting the number of Mexicans who can access America. This is rooted in the idea that Mexicans have taken advantage of the immigration policies and hence the need to tame them. The President’s remarks have often Mexico as a country that sends murderers, rapists, and other of its worst citizens. In my opinion, such negative remarks towards Mexican immigrants is unwarranted and should not be allowed in America.

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