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Object description and explication (Essay Sample)

The assignment is to select an object created 1500 from the 'treasures of the world's civilizations' exhibition catalog. Choose an object that you are intrested, look at the object, picking out physical details and thinking about various issues and then write about the points and issues of the object. While conveying the physical properties of the object and the experience of viewing it, try to focus on the original cultural context including any intended meanings and uses for the object. source..
Treasures of the world`s civilization`s exhibition catalog were one of the unique exhibitions that have never happened before in the world`s history. There were treasures from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonisian, Singaporean,Thai among other countries. The exhibition was representing different things from different countries and each country presented what they valued and respected. Most of the objects presented in most exhibitions had an important meaning may it be to the country and some times individuals.
It was noted that when one become prominent in the ancients of the great pharaohs, something was done for you to perceive by everyone, and this was passed from one generation to another. Later on, the statues of the images from the goddess as well the prominent persons were taken in an exhibition which almost every country in the world took place. In the exhibition, different images were presented and the image of the prominent king Tutankhamen was also presented in this unique exhibition.
Despite his unfamiliarity, king Tut was one of the pharaohs in Egypt whose tomb discovery was known in 1922. It was noted that this king w omitted from the lists of all rulers compiled by the ancient Egypt. This paper seeks to look at King Tut object, describe it physical properties as well as the experience of viewing the object. On the other hand, we will focus on the innovative civilization as well as the meaning of the object to the community it represented.
Looking at the object of King Tut, we first describe its mummification a certain process that the prominent people underwent for them to be preserved in a manner that they would stay for long and every generation would be conversant with what was there before, by learning through this object...
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