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New Deal (Essay Sample)


What is the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal? Did it create a limited welfare state and restore economic stability? What aspects remain useful today? Was the New Deal Radical?

New Deal
Franklin Roosevelt legacy can be remembered for his efforts to restructure America during the great economic depression. At the time Roosevelt came to power during the great depression in America, he initiated several legislative reforms known as the New Deal. The New Deal transformed the economic and political situation in America. Some of the legislations passed under the New Deal programs included the Works Progress Administration Act (WPA). Under this Act, several unemployed Americans were involved in roads, airport, and parks constructions. The Wagner Labor Relations Act included the labor bill of rights in an attempt to realize equal power among business by supporting the establishment of labor unions. The wealth tax was among the legislation under the New Deal that was meant to redistribute wealth by taxing the rich more and the poor paying less. The other Acts included the Public Utilities Holding Company Act and the Rural Electrification Administration. The most famous Act under the New Deal was the Social Secur...
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