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Moonlight: How Main Characters Demonstrate The Intersection Of Race (Essay Sample)


Choose a Film (I choose the film "Moonlight") analyzing how the main characters demonstrate the intersection of race, class, and gendered identities. How do the characters illustrate the concept of "diversity within blackness"? Does the use of drama, suspense, psychological thriller, comedy, satire, or irony reinforce or challenge negative stereotypes of blackness? If so, or if not, why? Please pay careful attention to how geographic location and historical context shape the characters' worldviews.
You must include at least 5 sources that look promising, which will help you analyze the significance of race, class, gender, etc., identities of the characters included in the film or television series that you've selected. You MUST identify at least 2 primary sources (e.g. interviews with the writer, director, producer or actors featured in film or television show that you're writing about) AND 3 scholarly sources. You may use books as scholarly sources and/ or you can use digital/electronic (web) materials, but 3 of them MUST be peer-reviewed (scholarly) texts.
The topic I want to write "is that is the most African Americans grow up in the unhealthy environment?"


Student's Name:
Environmental for Grow Up
The movie the moonlight is one of the renowned films that express themes of race, class, and gendered identities quite extensively. The movie further explains the subject of adolescence quite extensively through the adolescents who have a black complexion in the American setting. The movie “Moonlight” describes the growth process of a child. As the film begins, the environment depicted is not favorable for the growth of a child. The reason behind the argument is that the environment plays the crucial role of in shaping and influencing the life of a human being, especially as children. The protagonist in the film, Barry Jenkins grows in an environment where drug peddlers used to operate. His mother also never plays the crucial guidance role in parenting to ensure that Barry grew a good life with inculcated virtues and attributes that are important in guiding the life of an individual. Based on the above reasons, one can deduce that the environment a child grows is important as the environment dictates the kind of life one lives. From a different perspective, most of the black Americans grow up in unfavorable environment influenced mostly by negative aspects such as crime and drugs. The essay discusses the ways through which the environment can influence a person's life and the reasons as for why most African Americans grow up in the unhealthy environment.
The environment one grows in determines their life one lives. Scholars show that most of the adolescents in the American system especially adolescents form the black race perform poorly in schools as they grow in unfavorable environment (Bounds 1). As depicted in the film moonlight, most of the adolescent children grow up in environments where they witness crime and illegal business such as selling of drugs. The environment poisons the mindset of a child and the child especially in adolescent stage can hardly concentrate in his or her studies. The male adolescent children especially the African American children tend to live negatively such as living lives where they get convicted of the crime the and at times face legal issues of gun violence. Some of the children grow under poverty, and aspects such as crime as a way to evade poverty becomes a viable option for the children. The influence of the environment where dealing with drugs enriches people prompt the children especially to tune their mindsets to depending on illegal means to earn a living. From getting exposed to the use of drugs as a primary way to earn a living, the teenagers in the film follow the route of drugs too in their lives as a survival means, based on the above reasons, environments affect people's lives in significant ways.
The film “Moonlight,” describes growing up in an environment with the factors poverty, race and gay life. The movie depicts a wrong and hostile growing environment for children as the environment portrays drug abuse, prison confinements and school based-violence (Scott 1). The environment misleads most of the children especially when the children are in the adolescent stage and issues such as peer pressure and the children being prone to influence. The gay sexuality is another issue that influences the environment, in which

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