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Reflections. Reflections on empires in early modern Asia. (Essay Sample)


this paper is 3pages. one page for Reflections on empires in early modern Asia. One page for Reflections on Early Modern Europe. The last half page for the response for classmate's reflection on empires in early modern Asia. The other half page for the response for classmate's reflection on Early Modern Europe.
1)Reflections on empires in early modern Asia require: Given who you are and who you hope to be (class, gender, interests, personality, race, etc.), in which empire would you have wanted to live? ( I recommend writing ottoman empire) Why? What would be the best you could hope to achieve? Which of these empires impressed you the most? Why? What were your underlying categories? Where would you want to visit? Which empire was the least known to you? What did you learn that surprised you? Where would you want to visit? I will send a PPT, there have all empire I learn in the class, you can choose)
2)Reflections on Early Modern Europe.
The power made manifest in architecture. Compare to the absolute monarchies in Asia? Regardless of the form of government (absolutism, constitutional monarchy, absolutism with some enlightenment ideals, etc.), how did European states consolidate their power over resources (people, financial) in their territories at this time? Course expectations and requirements for full credit on discussion posts are contained in the Course Documents tab. I will send the PPT
3) I will send you my classmate's reflection, please response. Thank you.


1) Reflections on empires in early modern Asia require:
The longevity of the Ottoman Empire over six centuries in Eurasia makes it one of the most remarkable in the early modern ages. The empire mostly spanned Asia Minor, parts of European and Africa. I would hope to be among the ruling Turkish officials as they exercised power and ensured the smooth running of the empire throughout the diverse regions. The technocrats in the Ottoman Empire were some of the most successful in early modern Asia. Furthermore, the ottoman modernity was a common feature compared to the Muslim states outside the empire at the time, as there was emphasis on development at different spheres of life. In the 18th and 19th century the Ottoman Empire officials had more contact with the Europeans, and this influenced their development and administration. The Ottomans also made voyages to the existing and new trade routes to reach and this allowed the Turkish to consolidate their power and grow its influence.

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