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History Question Why Martin Luther King is a Great Leader (Essay Sample)


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Why Martin Luther King is a Great Leader
As a minister and Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. led from the front supporting changes in a society that still accepted segregation and racial discrimination as the norm. King’s legacy is that he advocated for harmony, non violence, racial equality and injustice at a time when the more radical elements supported violence to bring rapid changes in the society. Even when faced with the threats of violence, home bombing and facing jail time, Martin Luther King persevered and was courageous as he did not abandon his followers to accomplish his goal of social justice. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. is a great leader with a vision, values, committed to cause, while he focused on two-way communication and disrupted the status quo.
King was committed and embraced fear as he highlighted his vision and captured this in “I have a dream” speech. MLK was a teacher and leader committed to overseeing that his vision and dream became a success (Larsen). The leader realized that changes would be beneficial to all, and even after arrests and facing violence confrontations with the police he did not relent (Larse). Additionally, he did not give up on his dream, as he moved forward and even gained the support of people from different races, some who supported his message, but were reluctant to be visible supporters. Even as King died fighting for a just cause, his dream, goal and ambitions did not die because others were willing to take up the fight as he had shown that he was committed and laid out a well thought out vision for achieving racial equality and civil rights (Toren).
King had a dream and communicated about this as shown by his commitment and willingness to organize protests and draw attention to the need to end racial discrimination, segregation and support civil rights in America (Toren). Dr. King was fully committed to the cause to achieving racial inequality and civil rights, his actions and words highlighted that he was willing to follow his dream and vision regardless of the obstacles he encountered (Toren). Martin Luther King had a great vision that highlighted what people ought to be achieved and he took them there, through his actions and constant struggle to achieve what he envisioned (Wilkin).
King relied and supported two-way communication to engage

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