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Israel And The Arab Neighbors Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


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Israel and the Arab neighbors
Taking place between the 5th of June and the 10th of the same month in the year 1967, the Six Day War is also referred to as the June war ( This is relative to the fact that this was a war that fought in the month June. It is also referred to as the Third Arab-Israel War. Despite the simplicity in the name of the war, this is was one of the pivotal points in the history of the Middle East. Prior to the start of the war, there had been some fledging attacks which were carried out by Palestinian guerrillas which were based largely in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. These then led to some very costly Israeli reprisals. In the month of November in the year 1966, Israel launched a strike on the Al-Samu village along the Jordanian West Ban. The strike left 18 dead and another 54 injured. The progressively deteriorating situation between Israel and Syria also became quite volatile leading to the developments of the battle that ensured between the two countries in April of 1967. In this battle, Israel brought down six of the Syrian MiG fighter jets. At the same time, the intelligence reports that were coming from the Soviet Union at the time also pointed to Israel having plans to attack Syria. Although largely inaccurate, this together with the attacks prompted a domino effect in the region with most of neighbors to Israel planning attacks. The Egyptian president at the time, Gamal Abdel Nasser came under sharp criticism for not assisting Syria and was accused of hiding behind United Nations Emergency Force. In the month of May on 14th of 1967, Nasser made a move to mobilize Egyptian forces in Sinai and requested the removal of the UNEF stationed at the border. He later closed the Gulf of Aqaba and a blockade of the city port in southern Israel, Elat. Later on in May 30th King Hussein of Jordan came to Cairo and pledged alliance, which then followed Iraq. Following the alliances that the Arab countries were now forming, Israel made a sudden and preemptive strike on the morning of 5th of June on the Egyptian forces using an air assault. This was one of the effective strikes that led to the destruction of more than 90 percent of the Egyptian forces (Rothman, Lily). A similar strike was launched on Syria's forces. Within the first three days, Israel had already achieved an overwhelming victory against the enemies on the ground front. On the 7th of June, Israel mounted an attack on the Jordanian forces forcing them out of the East Jerusalem and most parts of the west bank. On the 7th, the UN Security Council called for a seize fire, where both Israeli and the Egyptians agreed to the same, leaving out Syria that continued to bomb the northern villages of Israel. On the 9th of June Israel, mounted an attack that would see the Golan Heights captured from the Syrians. It was only after this that the Syrians accepted the seize fire. The conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis began in the 1920s and escalated into a civil war from the 1940s onwards (Rothman, Lily). There are different elements of the conflict in the Middle East and one of them is with regard to Israeli and the Pakistanis. This is a conflict that is dated back to the year 1948, with the establishment of the state of Israel. This was relative to the intercommunal violence. In the case of Israel and Egypt, the relations have been strained and they can be traced back to the 1948 after the formation of Israel and Pakistan (Bauman, Kris Arthur). Like the other two, Syria and Israel have been in a state of war since the year 1948, having taken part in three wars to date namely, 1948 Arab Israeli War, 1967 Six Day War and the 1973 Yom Kippur War (Bowen, Jeremy). There have been other wars after these causing a deteriorating situation ...

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