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Ukraine Crisis: From Protest To Civil War (Essay Sample)


Please read and look at the assets below and answer the questions, write as bullet points with the number on. The questions doesn't have to be answered specifically, I just need couple ideas. Thank you
-Your First look will be the ongoing Ukrainian Crisis that began in November 2013.
-The Second article focuses on migration – and the relationship of labor between Ukraine and Poland.
-The third article focuses on the emerging trend of populism’s rise in Europe and why Eastern and Central ----European countries are rejecting the traditional idea of liberal democracies established after the Cold War in the early 90s.
-The last article focuses on Russia and how the West should react toward Putin.

A. Ukraine Crisis (short video)
Ukraine Crisis: From protest to civil war
1. How did the conflict begin?
2.Who are the little green men?
3.Why did Russia annex Crimea?
4.What is life like in the Ukraine now?
5.How many people are estimated to have left the conflict area?

B. Forbes Magazine-Ukrainian Immigrants Give The Polish Government An Out On Refugees
Ukrainian Immigrants in Poland

1. What are the key points in the article?
2.How do the Polish utilize Ukraine labor?
3.How do the Ukrainians view their experiences in Poland compared to what they left behind in Ukraine.
4.How does Poland’s population trends impact an aging Polish population?

C. Foreign Affairs Magazine – Eastern Europe’s Illiberal Revolution
Article in Resources (Article is attached as a pdf file
1. What are the key points of the article?
2.What 3 things did you find interesting?
3.Why is populism prevalent in Eastern Europe now?
4.How has the rise in populism shifted away from the liberal democracy ideal in the post Cold War era?

D. Foreign Affairs Magazine: Russia As It Is: A Grand Strategy for Confronting Putin
Article in Resources (Article is attached as a pdf file
1. What are the key points in the article?
2.What did you find the most interesting?
3.How have relations between the US and Russia changed since the end of the Cold War?


History Answer Questions
A: Ukraine Crisis
Question 1
The crisis began in 2014 when Russia occupied Ukraine’s Crimean area. The Russian soldiers and the Ukraine soldiers began to fight and in the process many lives were lost.
Question 2
The little green men are the masked soldiers in green uniform who carry the modern Russian crisis weapons and equipment.
Question 3
Russia annexed Crimean so that it would develop the natural gas reserves within a period of two years. President Putin also said the decision was a way of protecting its port from access by sea.
Question 4
Ukraine is a war-torn country and the remaining residents are trying to pick up things and rebuild their country. Recently, Ukraine had an election where Volodymyr Zelenskiy was chosen as the president of the country and he immediately called for a snap election. There are also dialogues taking place between Russia and Ukraine to restore peace.
Question 5
It is approximated that about 1.6 million have been displaced due to the ongoing crisis.
B: Forbes Magazine
Question 1
* Upheavals taking place in Ukraine is the main cause of the increase of immigrants.
* The Ukraine immigrants fill up the gap left by the aging and emigrants.
* Foreign work visas in Poland
* Increase of the working permits in Poland
Question 2
* Ukraine immigrants are seen as a source of labor and they improve the Polish economy. Their labor replaces the aging population and the high rate of emigration in Poland.
Question 3
* Ukraine immigrants say in Polan

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